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Viceroyalty of Phokland

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The '''Viceroyalty of Phokland''' is a [[Skillocracy|Skillocratic]] [[Monarchy]]/[[Aristocracy]], with a [[w:Viceroy|Viceroy]] as head of the local government State and a First Minister as head of the statelocal government. The [[w:Viceroy|Viceroy]] acts as leader of the government, acting (for the most part) autonomously from the rest of the Phoklandian government. The job of the [[w:Viceroy|Viceroy]] is to create and administer laws for the viceroyalty and at the same time to advise the monarch of [[Domanglia]] on Phoklandian issues. Contrary to this, the First Minister has the task of advising the Viceroy on non-governmental affairs and is given complete control over all interior affairs in regards to non-governmental offices. The First Minister also has emergency power to overrule decisions made by the Viceroy if such decisions are found to be detrimental to the well being of the [[w:Viceroyalty|Viceroyalty]]. However, no member of the Phoklandian Government may go against the wishes of the [[Principality of Domanglia|Monarch of Domanglia]] unless the monarch is deemed "incapable" of acting out his'/her's duty to Phokland.
[[File:Bog.jpeg|200px|thumb|An old Phoklandian flag hanging in a citizen's bedroom]]

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