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Viceroyalty of Phokland

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The [[Phoklandian Coast Guard]] consists of eleven individuals and one boat, the ''P.C.G. Langston'' (named after founding member Brock Lang). There also exists the Phoklandian Royal Guard, a detachment tasked with the protection of the sitting Monarch, the Viceroy and other "high priority" government officials.
Additionally, the Phoklandian Border Patrol and the [[Domanglian Foreign Intelligence Service]] exist as a private organisations contracted by the Phoklandian Government to patrol the land borders of Phokland's territory and to protect Phoklandian and Domanglian citizens. While under contract, these organizations are under the direct command of the Viceroy but are officially part of the '''Local Defence Office'''.
==Pre-Annexation Conflicts==

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