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Viceroyalty of Phokland

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{{coord|33.355963|-111.783099defunct}}{{red links}} <metadesc>The :''This article contains information for the now defunct '''Viceroyalty of Phokland is an hereditary Viceregal State of ''', for the Principality current incarnation of Domanglia with territorial claims made in areas within the borders of the U.S. state of Arizonasee [[Phoklandian Free State]]. The state was created (originally) as a political experiment, designed to prove that a nation's government can be successfully ran by young adults/teenagers.</metadesc>' 
{{Infobox nation
|name = Viceroyalty of Phokland(eng)<br>''Наместник Фокланда'' (ru)<br>''Dirgelwch Phokland'' (cy)
|image1 = [[File:Pflag3.png|150px|border]]<br>[[Flag of Viceroyalty of Phokland|Flag]]
|image2 = [[File:PCOA.png|170px]]<br>Coat of arms
|motto = '''Lucrum Per Dispendii Nobis'''
|anthem = "Lord Save the PrinceViceroy" <br>[[File:God-Save-the-Tsar_.ogg|center|English subtitles for clip: File:God-Save-the-Tsar .ogg]]
|capital = [[Province of Capitis|Rosston]]
|largest_city = [[Province of Emosia|Kyber]]
|languages = English, Germanрусский, WelshCymraeg
|religions= [[w:Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholicism]]
|demonym = Phoklandian
|established = 10 February [[2007]]
|population = 22
|currency = USD''(Unofficial)''
|web = [ Government News Website]
The '''Viceroyalty of Phokland''' is an hereditary a "[[w:ViceroyaltyConstituent Country|Viceregal StateConstituent Country]]" of the [[Principality of Domanglia]] with territorial claims made in areas within the borders of the [[w:U.S. state|U.S. state]] of [[w:Arizona|Arizona]]. The state was created (originally) as a political experiment, designed to prove that a nation's government can be successfully ran by young adults/teenagers. =Etymology=The name '''Phokland''' comes from a combination of the country name of [[w:Poland|Poland]] and the word "f**k". In the past however, the nation of Phokland went under different names... ===Official Names===*10 February [[2007]] – 11 December [[2013]]: '''Kingdom of Rosston'''*13 December [[2017]] – 27 April [[2018]]: '''[[People's Republic of Phokland]]'''*27 April [[2018]] – 11 November [[2018]]: '''Principality of Phokland'''*11 November [[2018]] – ''Current'': '''Viceroyalty of Phokland'''
The '''Viceroyalty of Phokland''' has existed in some capacity (excluding a four year hiatus) since [[2007]]. During this time, the country has gone through three four different names (and has changed governmental structure four timesstructures).
==Pre-Phoklandian History==
The idea of Phokland was first conceived by [[Prince Charles I|Charles Ross]] in early [[2007]] as a way to establish an absolute monarchical kingdom in the playground of his primary school in [[w:Gilbert Arizona|Gilbert, Arizona]]. The nation officially came into existence at noon on the 10th of February [[2007]]. The new nation was given the name of the '''Kingdom of Rosston''' and [[Prince Charles I|Charles Ross]] was given the title of '''King Charles I'''. The initial land claim of the kingdom was made up of the sandbox and play structure of the playground. Eventually however, other territories were added to the nation. These areas included King Charles' bedroom and the local swimming pool (though the claims to these territories were disputed). In addition, many of the King's friends also joined the nation as subjects during this time. Though originally fictional in nature, the Kingdom of Rosston was able to get minor recognition from the school and (to a lesser extent) the neighborhood it resided in. [[File:Rosston.png|200px|thumb|Flag of the '''Kingdom of Rosston''' (concept)]]
The nation continued in this capacity until late [[2013]] when it was decided by [[Prince Charles I|King Charles I]] that the nation lacked the motivation necessary to continue it's existence. Therefore on the evening of the 11th of December [[2013]], The Kingdom of Rosston (as a nation) was dissolved and [[Prince Charles I|King Charles I]] indefinitely suspended his role as monarch.
==Initial Independence==
On the evening of 13 December [[2017]], [[Prince Charles I]] (then Prime Minister) and '''Duke Brock Lang''' (then Minister of Defense) ratified the first Phoklandian Declaration of Independence, thus re-establishing the Kingdom of Rosston. However, it was decided soon after independence that the nation would change otit's name to '''Phokland''' and (for a short time) not have a monarchy. Thus re-establishing the country as a [[Republic|Democratic Republic]].
==[[People's Republic of Phokland]]==
The '''Viceroyalty of Phokland''' is a [[Skillocracy|Skillocratic]] [[Monarchy]]/[[Aristocracy]], with a [[w:Viceroy|Viceroy]] as head of the local government State and a First Minister as head of the statelocal government. The [[w:Viceroy|Viceroy]] acts as leader of the government, acting (for the most part) autonomously from the rest of the Phoklandian government. The job of the [[w:Viceroy|Viceroy]] is to create and administer laws for the viceroyalty and at the same time to advise the monarch of [[Domanglia]] on Phoklandian issues. Contrary to this, the First Minister has the task of advising the Viceroy on non-governmental affairs and is given complete control over all interior affairs in regards to non-governmental offices. The First Minister also has emergency power to overrule decisions made by the Viceroy if such decisions are found to be detrimental to the well being of the [[w:Viceroyalty|Viceroyalty]]. However, no member of the Phoklandian Government may go against the wishes of the [[Principality of Domanglia|Monarch of Domanglia]] unless the monarch is deemed "incapable" of acting out his'/her's duty to Phokland.
[[File:Bog.jpeg|200px|thumb|An old Phoklandian flag Flag of the '''Principality of Phokland''' hanging in a citizen's bedroom]]
There are four main departments in the local government of Phokland: the Office of the Viceroy, the Office of the First Minister, the Office of the Phoklandian Coast Guard, and the Local Defence Office. With the exception of the Viceroy (which is an hereditary position) and the offices of '''Minister of Agriculture''' and '''Cultural/Entertainment Minister''' (which are appointed positions rather than elected ones), the holders of these and all other electable [[List of Phoklandian Ministers|government positions]] are elected every two years on the 1st of October (the anniversary of the date that the idea of Phokland was first conceived). Any individual who is elected to any of these offices may re-run as many times as they like. If no individuals run for any of these offices, the siting Viceroy may appoint an individual over the age of thirteen to fill the position until the next election.
''The incumbent holders of each governmental office are as follows:''
*'''Viceroy:''' HSH [[Prince Charles I]]
*'''Director of The Phoklandian Border Patrol:''' Captain Nums
*'''Chief Justice of the Phoklandian Viceregal Court:''' [[House of Ross|The Honorable Kevin M. Ross]]
*'''[[Phokland News Network|Local Press Minister:]]''' HSH [[Prince Charles I]]
*'''Minister of Culture and Entertainment:''' Robert Dunakin
*'''Minister of Public Safety:''' Sam Johnson
! Party !! Logo !! Party Leader !! Ideology !! Ministerial Positions Held (Total) !! First Minister
| bgcolor=#069614|'''[[Phokland Labor Party]]''' ('''PLP''')|| [[File:Download2.jpeg|100px]] || Dame Mia Sanchez || [[w:Democratic Socialism|Democratic Nationalism]] || {{ParlSeats|1|1012|hex=#069614}} || {{ParlSeats|0|1|hex=#069614}}
| bgcolor=yellow|'''Phokland First Party''' ('''PFP''')|| [[File:Addtext com MTI0NTUzNDUwNw.png|100px]] || [[Sir James Ellis]] || [[w:conservative|Moderate Conservatism]] || {{ParlSeats|23|1012|hex=yellow}} || {{ParlSeats|1|1|hex=#069614|hex=yellow}}
| bgcolor=red|'''Phoklandian Independent Organization''' ('''PIO''')|| [[File:phokland2.png|100px]] ||N/A || [[w:Independent Candidate|Various Independent Political Beliefs]] || {{ParlSeats|7|1012|hex=red}} || {{ParlSeats|0|1|hex=#069614}}|-|-| bgcolor=pink|'''Progressive Conservative Party of Phokland''' ('''PCP''')|| [[File:Pnewflag.png|100px]] || [[Prince Charles I|Prince Charles Ross]] || [[w:Progressive Conservatism|Progressive Conservatism]] || {{ParlSeats|1|12|hex=pink}} || {{ParlSeats|0|1|hex=#069614}}
|13 December
|Founding Day
|Celebrates the the day that the Kingdom of Rosston was re-organized into Phokland.
|25 December
The [[Phoklandian Coast Guard]] consists of eleven individuals and one boat, the ''P.C.G. Langston'' (named after founding member Brock Lang). There also exists the Phoklandian Royal Guard, a detachment tasked with the protection of the sitting Monarch, the Viceroy and other "high priority" government officials.
Additionally, the Phoklandian Border Patrol and the [[Domanglian Foreign Intelligence Service]] exist as a private organisations contracted by the Phoklandian Government to patrol the land borders of Phokland's territory and to protect Phoklandian and Domanglian citizens. While under contract, these organizations are under the direct command of the Viceroy but are officially part of the '''Local Defence Office'''.
==Pre-Annexation Conflicts==
*Between 14 December [[2017]] and 27 April [[2018]], Phokland was engaged in the [[Conquest of New Persia]].
*On 4 April [[2018]], [[Prince Charles I]] declared war against the nation of Mangolia, primarily due to it's declaration of war against [[Iustus]] (a former Phoklandian ally). Two days later, Mangolia surrendered and was reconstituted as the [[Republic of South Mangolia]] with partial political control being gifted to the Phoklandian Government.
*On 9 April [[2018]], the remnants of the Mangolian Army regrouped and declared war on the Principality of Phokland, the [[Principality of Gleichenberg]] and the [[Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia]] (another former Phoklandian ally). On August 7th of the same year, [[Prince Charles I]] declared an unofficial ceasefire with the Mangolian rebels due to the fact that the conflict had essentially turned into a "cold war". Plus, a financial decline in Phokland had made a continuation of the war effort seemingly "impractical".
*Between 14 December [[2017]] and 27 April [[2018]], Phokland was engaged in the [[Conquest of New Persia]].
The Viceroyalty of Phokland is currently split into six provinces. Each of the provinces are primarily self governing but still fall under the reign of the [[Monarch of Phokland|Viceroy of Phokland]] and the [[Principality of Domanglia]]. In addition, Phokland is further divided into two Domanglian Parliamentary Constituencies. These constituencies are Greater Phokland (made up of: Emosia, New Persia and Macadamia) and Lesser Phokland (made up of: Capitis, Greenlandia and Libertalia).
{| class="wikitable"
|13 December 10 February [[20172007]]
|[[Province of Greenlandia|Greenlandia]]
|30 (Uninhabited)
|Duchy of Fort Portland
|27 April [[2018]]
=See Also=
*[ State Website (old)]
*[[Monarch of Phokland|Viceroy of Phokland]]

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