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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Minor characters
*The '''Disciple of Kronos''' appears in CB.XV as the owner of the Blood Stone who is also on the run from the secret police of Dominus. Xeaphon confronts the Disciple and convinces him to hand over the Stone, which the former then uses against the police who surround the house so that they can both escape. The Disciple is played by a housemate of Jonathan I and Princess Hannah who shared university accommodation with them in Chester.
*The '''"Giant" (Burglar)''' seen at the beginning of CB.IV is hired by Colin to abduct his mother Queen Emily I, so that he can be declared Regent after disabling King Ken II. Despite being repelled by Ken the Elder and Xeaphon, the burglar (played by Sir Glen Allen) escapes with the Queen. He is called a "giant" by the Queen's guard, due to unfamiliar humans being assumed by many toys to be hostile.
*'''Heroura''' is only mentioned once and is not seen on-screen. She is briefly referenced by Xeaphon towards the end of CB.XV as somebody who Cool Barbie could seek refuge with should their attempt to defeat Dominus fail; no other information is given about her. This line was included at the request of [[Hannah, Princess of Wildflower Meadows|Princess Hannah]], who had created Heroura in various world-building exercises with Jonathan I as a character to represent herself in much the same way as Jonathan I is represented by Xeaphon within the ''Cool Barbie'' universe.
*The '''human newsreader''', played by a friend of the Imperial Family who was uncredited at his own request, reports on the Uranian invasion of Earth at the start of CB.VIII. Part of his news report is also shown at the start of the Moonita minisode, in a "previously" section.
*The '''NATO Worker''' is an employee of the Supreme Allied Commander. Played by [[Joseph, Prince of Copan|Sir Joseph Francis]], he appears in CB.I informing the Supreme Allied Commander of the movements of Bubble's spaceship.
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