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List of Cool Barbie characters

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[[File:ChancellorYellowBear.png|thumb|right|60px|The Chancellor in the Doll Senate in CB.III]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion'' (2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIV XV - The Invasion of the EagleFinal Battle'' (20172018)King Yellow Bear - known as the Chancellor before CB.XI - is a teddy bear loyal to Xeaphon who since CB.XI has served as monarch of the toys, having previously been Chancellor of the government and a member of the Doll Senate. Seen to be a political opponent of Colin in CB.III, Colin attempts to have him killed in CB.IV but fails, with the Chancellor demonstrating impressive fighting skills by killing three elite soldiers, after which he calls together an Emergency Senate and leads the effort to resist Colin's coup. He also appears in CB.VI helping Cool Barbie to find out who killed Queen Lucy, and in CB.VII he attends the unveiling of the reverse-engineered Dalek. In the Moonita minisode, he is shown to have been with Queen Emily II when she was killed by the Troll Leader, whom he then charges at in anger before the latter teleports away; the Chancellor is later present at Moonita's coronation as Emily's successor, and accompanies her on a tour of the kingdom in CB.IX. Upon the hospitalization of Moonita between CB.X and CB.XI, the Chancellor is appointed the new monarch of the toys by Xeaphon as King Yellow Bear, and in CB.XI and CB.XII has to deal with the Land coming under attack from a Scourge and from Kronos respectively. In CB.XIII, he manages to get to safety in a public shelter after the rest of the Doll Senate is assassinated by the Spider, and warns Xeaphon from inside the shelter at the start of CB.XIV. His final appearance is in CB.XV, when he is seen in hiding with a group of other toys which meet with Cool Barbie.
[[File:CoolBarbie.jpg|thumb|right|120px|Corporal Barbie in her original body (left, CB.VII) and in Moonita's (right, CB.VIII)]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky'' (2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIII XV - The AssassinFinal Battle'' (20172018)Cool Barbie (known as Corporal Barbie from CB.V onwards-CB.XIV) is the eponymous main character of the series.
The first three episodes deal with her interactions with Bubbles. After helping to thwart Colin's uprising in CB.IV, she joins Spectrum in CB.V and is thereafter known as Corporal Barbie. At the end of CB.VIII, Corporal Barbie switches bodies with Moonita after the two of them interfere with a powerful magical weapon to successfully thwart Wisealise's plans, and comes to hold a position with Xeaphon at NETDOF. During her time at NETDOF, Corporal Barbie is teleported to the Elven Emperor during CB.X to ask his help in defending the planet from the Scourge. In-between CB.X and CB.XI, Corporal Barbie and Moonita are switched back, with the Corporal returning to her role as a Spectrum agent. She retains some sort of psychic connection with the Elven Emperor, receiving a telepathic message from him during CB.XI after he prevents the annihilation of the planet by a sabotaged laser cannon, and receiving dreams and visions from him during CB.XII. In CB.XIII, she attempts to track down the Spider after it infiltrates the house, but fails to prevent it killing most of the Land's political and military leaders; in CB.XIV she is trapped along with Xeaphon while the Spider's master, the Eagle, invades the house, an event which ultimately leads to the conquest of Earth by Dominus. By CB.XV she has left Spectrum after its takeover by Dominus, becoming known once more as Cool Barbie, and spends that episode helping Xeaphon to collect the magical crystals needed to defeat Dominus. At the conclusion of CB.XV, Xeaphon is overpowered by Dominus and it is only through the help of Cool Barbie - who pushes the Wind and Blood Stones up against the Staff of High Elves to combine their power - that Dominus is finally defeated.
Despite ostensibly being the main character, remarkably little has been is revealed of Corporal Barbie's background.
[[File:SergeantGrey.jpg|thumb|right|90px|Sergeant Grey warns the Land about Bubbles in CB.III]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion'' (non-credited, 2009) / ''Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed'' (credited, 2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XI XV - InfiltrationThe Final Battle'' (2016)Sergeant Grey is an Action Man who is a member of Spectrum International Police, and Corporal Barbie's immediate commanding officer as Spectrum Agent for [[w:London Borough of Sutton|North East Sutton]]. Courageous and assertive, he is good friends with Corporal Barbie. He helps fight Bubbles in CB.III (after being seen helping to man a barricade against him in CB.II credited simply as "Soldier 1"), and in CB.IV aids Cool Barbie and the Chancellor in attempting to thwart Colin's uprising. He accompanies Corporal Barbie to the Moon in CB.V, and calls her to the scene of Queen Lucy's assassination in CB.VI. After four years off-screen, Sergeant Grey appears in the Colin minisode, where he leads a group of Spectrum agents tracking down Colin and his followers. He appears again in CB.XI, intending to take Corporal Barbie to a medical check-up after her body-swap experience but ending up having to help deal with an attack on the Land by Colin and the Scourge. Sergeant Grey's final appearance is in CB.XV, where he gives Cool Barbie information to help her find one of the magical stones required to defeat Dominus.
*'''Beany Dolly''' is a student at the toy school in CB.IX, who correctly answers a question on the history of the Land before Moonita arrives to inspect the school; she is also seen attending Queen Moonita's coronation, and is part of the Doll Senate when its members are killed by the Spider in CB.XIII. The same toy was also a member of the Doll Senate in the original [[Cool Barbie 2]], but had no lines or credited appearance.
*'''Captain Scarlet''' (an appropriation of the eponymous hero of ''[[w:Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons|Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons]]'') is one of the main protagonists of CB. II. The Spectrum Agent for Greater London, he arrives in the Land to warn the toys of Bubble's return, and helps them to confront him. Mortally injured by Bubbles, he uses his "retro-metabolistic energy" to transform into a large spider, which knocks out Bubbles before dying. He is the first member of Spectrum introduced in the series.
*'''General White''' is the leader of Spectrum. Voiced by [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Emperor Father Terry]], he informs all Spectrum agents of the Uranian invasion of Earth at the start of CB.VIII. He is not seen on-screen, with his voice instead heard over a radio.
*The '''Golden Arrow (headband)''' is an Action Man who is a member of the Golden Arrows and a close follower of Colin; his real name is not known. He took part in the Uprising and was exiled into the Garden in CB.IV, and helped with Colin's ultimately unsuccessful plot to kill Corporal Barbie before teleporting away with Colin and Troll 2 in CB.VI. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII and the third of the 2015 minisodes. Captured along with Colin and Troll 2 while on the Scourge home planet, he accompanies them both during the events of CB.XI and CB.XII, being imprisoned with them in the Cryogenic Research Prison at the end of the latter and later freed along with them in CB.XIV.
*The '''Golden Arrow (leather jacket)''' features prominently in CB.IX. One of the Action Man followers of Colin, he accompanies him to the Scourge home-world in the third of the 2015 minisodes, and eventually escapes to Earth to warn Xeaphon that the Scourge are planning an invasion. He is killed by the Mysteron after refusing to de-activate his gun, onto which he had fused Scourge technology.
*The original '''Minister of Defence''' (not to be confused with the Troll Leader or Hippo, both later given the job by Colin and King Yellow Bear respectively) was a teddy bear who appeared in CB.II and CB.III as the overall leader of the Land's military, helping to organise the Land's response to Bubbles' attacks. He has been killed in a car crash by CB.IV, in which Colin admits to his followers that it was a deliberate assassination on his behalf.
*'''Queen Emily I''' was the monarch of the toys before February 2007, when she was abducted by a Giant on her son Colin's orders (CB.IV) so that he could gain power. It is not specified whether she ruled alongside King Ken II, or whether he was merely her consort, but upon her abduction he became sole monarch.
*'''Queen Lucy''' is not seen onscreenon-screen, but is mentioned in CB.IV, VI, and VIII. The successor of her step-father King Ken II as monarch of the toys after Colin's uprising in CB.IV, her assassination at the start of CB.VI by Troll 2 forms the main plotline for that episode. She is described as the "estranged" sister of Colin, presumably having been banished or imprisoned by him before she became Queen to remove any threat to his claims to power. She is succeeded as monarch by her step-sister Emily II.
*The '''Scientist''' was a Playmobile figure employed at the Cryogenic Research Prison. At the end of CB.II, he is ordered by Colin to reverse-engineer weaponry from Bubbles' natural defence mechanisms. However, when he begins experimenting ("Project Tesla") on Bubbles at the start of CB.III, Bubbles escapes, killing the Scientist and two guards.
*'''Sophie''' is a Barbie who is a friend of Cool Barbie, and accompanies her to what is intended to be a holiday in CB.III before being attacked by Bubbles and the Dalek. Despite being referred to as Cool Barbie's "best friend", CB.III is the only episode in which Sophie has so far been is seen or even mentioned.
*The '''Teacher''' is a doll who teaches a class of toys in CB.IX, during which his school is visited by Moonita.
[[File:Xeaphon.png|thumb|right|90px|Xeaphon in his NETDOF office in the Xeaphon minisode]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising'' (2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIV XV - The Invasion of the EagleFinal Battle'' (20172018)Xeaphon XVIII is the main protector of the toys of the Land. Played by [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]], he first appears in CB.IV, playing a minor role in the introduction when helping to repel a burglar, and later fighting off Colin's second hired "giant" after being locked out of and subsequently let back into the house by the shifting loyalties of the First Army. Xeaphon holds the rank of Commander in NETDOF, and was previously an officer of the organisation's predecessor ET Defensive Force. In both CB.IV and CB.VI, it is established that he appoints the monarch of the toys - at the end of CB.VII, he helps Queen Emily II and the anti-war protesters reach an agreement by founding the new land of [[Crepundia]], and in the first of the 2015 minisodes he crowns Moonita the new queen of the Land. Xeaphon features prominently in CB.VIII, organising the defence of the Land against the Uranians and Wisealise, and in the second of the 2015 minisodes he obtains the Staff of Forest Elves to help him guard the Titans' prisons. He now works at NETDOF, and helps organise the defence of Earth against the Scourge during CB.X. As explained in CB.XI, he uses the Staff of Forest Elves offscreen in an attempt to switch back Moonita and Corporal Barbie into their original bodies; however, although the process is successful for Corporal Barbie, Moonita enters into a coma, and eventually dies off-screen during CB.XII. Despite this personal loss, Xeaphon goes back to the Land and defeats Kronos and Colin. After unsuccessfully attempting to protect the Land's officials from an assassin in CB.XIII, his most recent next appearance is in CB.XIV, where he and Corporal Barbie are trapped by the Eagle as the latter invades the Land. He escapes off-screen, and in the introduction to CB.XV helps the Elven Emperor to unsuccessfully fight Dominus, the Staff of Forest Elves being broken in the fight. In the main portion of the episode, set one year later, Xeaphon is aided by Cool Barbie in collecting magical crystals similar to the Thunder Stone with the power of which they eventually are able to destroy Dominus.
===Ken the Elder===
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising'' (2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie VIII - Plan of the Scourge'' (2014)
Ken the Elder is the father of Xeaphon and Moonita, and husband of Ato. Played by [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Emperor Father Terry]], Ken appears in both CB.IV and CB.VIII, both times helping to defend the Land (from a burglar sent by Colin to abduct Queen Emily I in the former, and from the Uranians and Wisealise in the latter). He is also referenced in CB.XIV, in which Colin recalls that it was Ken who was able to defeat the Hill Prince in the 1990s.
Although not stated on-screen, his epithet of "the Elder" was given to him by the toys to distinguish him from the Barbie King Ken, who assumed the ordinal of II for the same reason.
*'''Ato''' is the mother of Xeaphon and Moonita, and wife of Ken the Elder. She is first mentioned in CB.VIII, when Xeaphon (having heard news of the Uranian invasion) asks Ken to phone her and make sure she is safe at her workplace. She first appears - although only her hand is seen - in the Xeaphon minisode, played by [[Emperor Mother Margaret|HIH Emperor Mother Margaret]], in which it is revealed that she works as Xeaphon's secretary at NETDOF.
*The '''"Chav burglar" ("Giant")''' was a masked human hired by one of Colin's trolls to assist in securing the Land at the end of CB.IV. Played by Jonathan I, he is driven off by Xeaphon and Moonita after attacking a Spectrum helicopter and attempting to kill Cool Barbie. He is referred to as a "giant", but due to his appearance (hooded top, covered face, tracksuit bottoms) is credited as the "Chav burglar" to differentiate him from the other burglar seen earlier in the episode.
*The '''Disciple of Kronos''' appears in CB.XV as the owner of the Blood Stone who is also on the run from the secret police of Dominus. Xeaphon confronts the Disciple and convinces him to hand over the Stone, which the former then uses against the police who surround the house so that they can both escape. The Disciple is played by a housemate of Jonathan I and Princess Hannah who shared university accommodation with them in Chester.
*The '''"Giant" (Burglar)''' seen at the beginning of CB.IV is hired by Colin to abduct his mother Queen Emily I, so that he can be declared Regent after disabling King Ken II. Despite being repelled by Ken the Elder and Xeaphon, the burglar (played by Sir Glen Allen) escapes with the Queen. He is called a "giant" by the Queen's guard, due to unfamiliar humans being assumed by many toys to be hostile.
*The '''human newsreader''', played by a friend of the Imperial Family who was uncredited at his own request, reports on the Uranian invasion of Earth at the start of CB.VIII. Part of his news report is also shown at the start of the Moonita minisode, in a "previously" section.
*The '''NATO Worker''' is an employee of the Supreme Allied Commander. Played by [[Joseph, Prince of Copan|Sir Joseph Francis]], he appears in CB.I informing the Supreme Allied Commander of the movements of Bubble's spaceship.
*The '''police officer''' is the leader of a platoon of Dominus' secret police, who surrounds the house in which Xeaphon and the Disciple of Kronos are. He demands that they surrender to Dominus, but is killed by Xeaphon with the power of the Blood Stone. The police officer is not seen on-screen, but his voice is heard through a loudspeaker from outside. His lines were recorded by [[Lord John Gordon|Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford]] in September 2018 during a trip to Wrythe as part of Austenasia's tenth anniversary celebrations.
*The '''President of the UN Security Council''', played by D. Forty, addresses the Uranian General via radio in CB.VIII, refusing to surrender the planet to Uranus. Although credited simply as "Security Council President", Mr. Forty's performance was intended to imitate [[w:Mark Lyall Grant|Sir Mark Lyall Grant]], a British diplomat who served as [[w:President of the United Nations Security Council|President of the United Nations Security Council]] during August 2014, CB.VIII being published on 1 September of that year.
*'''Lord Xeaphon VII''' is an ancestor of Xeaphon, the builder and namesake of the Land, and the mage who originally defeated and imprisoned the Titans. In the introductory scene of CB.XII, he is seen in 1291 writing a letter having just defeated the Dalek, stressing that the Titans must never be allowed to escape their prisons.
==Aliens , Elves and Titans==
[[File:Bubbles.jpg|thumb|right|110px|Bubbles summons the Dalek in CB.III]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIV - The Invasion of the Eagle'' (2017)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIV XV - The Invasion of the EagleFinal Battle'' (20172018)'''Dominus''' is the name Colin assumes after possessing the body of Kronos. In CB.XII, Colin is given a relatively small amount of magical power by Kronos; however, as alluded to in CB.XIV, Kronos' magic is parasitical, meaning that Colin is able to drain the power of the Thunder Stone later on in CB.XII before being imprisoned in the Cryogenic Research Prison. Upon being freed in CB.XIV, Colin defeats and drains the power of the Eagle, then finds and drains the remaining magic from the corpse of the Hill Prince. At this point, Colin declares himself "the most powerful toy in history", and with a mere wave of his hand is able to breach the prison containing Kronos and not only free him, but fight, defeat, and possess him. Upon possessing Kronos' body together with the joint power of the Thunder Stone, Eagle, and Hill Prince, Colin states that Kronos is "inside [his] mind somewhere" and assumes the new name of Dominus before announcing that he will overthrow the humans and elves and take over the world. By CB.XV, Dominus has conquered Earth, having defeated the Elven Emperor and all others who have opposed him. He attempts to persuade the Prince of the Scourge to grant Earth "access to the Scourge Collective" as part of their claim to the planet, planning to further absorb all the power of the Scourge's intergalactic empire. However, he is killed by Xeaphon and Cool Barbie before this plan can be accomplished. ===Elven Emperor===[[File:EE.jpg|thumb|right|110px|The Elven Emperor in CB.X]]*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie XV - War in the Sky'' (2015)*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XV - The Final Battle'' (2018)The '''Elven Emperor''' is the leader of the High Elves. First appearing in CB.X, Corporal Barbie goes to him to beg for his help against the invading Scourge. Millenia old, and claiming to be "the greatest mage alive", he destroys the Scourge armada by using the Earth's magical field as a weapon. In the brief time he is on-screen he demonstrates several magical abilities; he reads Corporal Barbie's mind, and with a mere wave of his hand both forces her to kneel and reverses the teleport by which she arrived. He maintains a psychic connection with Corporal Barbie, sending her visions in CB.XI and CB.XII; the first time, he informs her that it was he who remotely prevented the planet-destroying explosion, and the second time he warns her that she must kill Colin to avert future catastrophe. He appears for the final time in the introduction to CB.XV, making a final stand against Dominus' conquest of Earth. Despite his confidence in his ability to "smite" what he calls "the abomination", after a magical duel Dominus eventually triumphs, seemingly killing the Elven Emperor.
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky'' (2016)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XI - Infiltration'' (2016)
The Scourge Prince is a leader of the Scourge. He is first seen at the end of CB.X, vowing vengeance on Earth after it destroys the Scourge Armada and ordering some unnamed prisoners to be brought to him. He is again next seen at the end of CB.XI with Colin, threatening to kill him before giving him "one last chance" to conquer Earth for the Scourge. The face of the Scourge Prince has is not yet been seen; all scenes with him in so far have been were shot from his point of view. The Prince is also mentioned during CB.XV, refusing Dominus' requests to grant Earth as a subject planet of the Scourgian Empire access to the Scourge Collective. After receiving a curt reply from Dominus, the Scourge Prince prepares to open fire on Earth, but his command ship is destroyed by Xeaphon using the Staff of High Elves.
===Minor characters===
*The '''Flame Lord''' is mentioned by Wisealise as the Titan he first plans to free in CB.VIII.
*The '''Forest Elf''' briefly appears in the Xeaphon minisode. Played by Lady Jennifer, she presents Xeaphon the Staff of Forest Elves so as to help him better guard the Titans' prison entrances, instructing him to use it wisely.
*A '''mysterious spirit''' meets Xeaphon in CB.XV when he arrives on Mount Scellfa to search for the Wind Stone. Magically forcing him to his knees, the disembodied voice makes the Wind Stone appear in front of Xeaphon, telling him that he need go no further but that he must take the Stone and defeat Dominus.
*The '''Mysteron''' appears only in CB.IX. Fleeing the Uranian conquest of Mars, it arrives on Earth offering to give NETDOF technology with which they can take the Moon and Mars from Uranian control. However, before it gets a chance to do this, it is fatally shot while trying to force the Golden Arrow in that episode to deactivate his gun.
*A '''Scourge''' is featured in CB.XI, attacking the Land's military as a diversion for Colin to set up the sabotaged laser cannon technology, and teleporting away when the cannon is activated.
*The '''Uranian''' from CB.V was the sole occupant of the Moonbase, a Uranian scientific facility based on the Moon. Captured by Sergeant Grey and Corporal Barbie in CB.V, he is teleported back to Earth, where he breaks free from Spectrum custody and kills at least one guard before being killed by Sergeant Grey. The relative ease with which he was killed serves as a useful comparison with Bubbles to demonstrate just how powerful the latter is.
*The '''Uranian Bodyguard''' plays a minor role in CB.VIII, accompanying the Uranian General as he comes to the Land to retrieve Bubbles.
*The '''Uranian General''' is the highest-ranking Uranian featured to datein the series. He heads the Uranian invasion of Earth in CB.VIII, demanding international surrender before leading aerial bombardment of the planet. After Wisealise takes over the Land, the Uranian General arrives and meets the newly-freed Bubbles before ordering the fleet to withdraw from Earth with him. ==Elves==*The '''Elven Emperor''' is the leader of the High Elves. First appearing in CB.X, Corporal Barbie goes to him to beg for his help against the invading Scourge. Millenia old, and claiming to be "the greatest mage alive", he destroys the Scourge armada by using the Earth's magical field as a weapon. In the brief time he is on-screen he demonstrates several magical abilities; he reads Corporal Barbie's mind, and with a mere wave of his hand both forces her to kneel and reverses the teleport by which she arrived. He maintains a psychic connection with Corporal Barbie, sending her visions in CB.XI and CB.XII; the first time, he informs her that it was he who remotely prevented the planet-destroying explosion, and the second time he warns her that she must kill Colin to avert future catastrophe.*The '''Forest Elf''' briefly appears in the Xeaphon minisode. Played by Lady Jennifer, she presents Xeaphon the Staff of Forest Elves so as to help him better guard the Titans' prison entrances, instructing him to use it wisely. <center><gallery widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="2">File:EE.png|The Elven Emperor in CB.X.File:FE.png|The Forest Elf in the Xeaphon minisode.</gallery></center>
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