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Cool Barbie

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! No. of episodes
| 15 full, 3 minisodes (14 full episodes and 3 minisodes broadcast)
! style="background:#B0C4DE; color:black; text-align: center" colspan="2" | Production
! Original run
| 11 December 2005 -<br>1 September 2008,<br>'''4 March 2009 - present'''24 December 2018
'''''Cool Barbie''''' is an [[Empire of Austenasia|Austenasian]] sci-fi fantasy television series directed and written by [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]] and produced by [[Austenasian Television Productions]] (ATP). Three original episodes were privately made by Jonathan (together with his [[Lord Timothy|cousin]] and [[Crown Princess Caroline|sister]]) before the foundation of Austenasia, between December 2005 and September 2008. After ATP was created in December 2008, it was decided to remake the three films, as well as to create sequels. A new series of fifteen episodes was therefore written, all but the last of which to date have been filmed and publishedon YouTube between March 2009 and December 2018. The series revolves around an eponymous [[w:Barbie doll|Barbie doll]] in a world where toys are alive and have communities protected by humans, and her encounters with aliens and villains.
== Setting ==
Cool Barbie is set in an alternate universe where toys are alive and have communities protected by humans, where the existence of extraterrestrial life is well-known and accepted, and where magic and elves also exist. The series is mainly set in a house in [[w:Carshalton|Carshalton]], known by its resident toys as "Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty" (henceforth referred to as "the Land").
As well as being home to humans and dogs, several groups of toys live The universe in which Cool Barbie is set is based on a fictional world imagined by the Land. They are ruled over by a monarch now Jonathan I and the Doll Senate, with a form of constitutional monarchy the details of which are left vague. The types of toys which live his sister Crown Princess Caroline in the Land include Barbies, teddy bears, action figures (mostly Action Men), and dollschildhood games played c. There are several rooms in the Land, between which the toys can travel freely2001-2006. On the upper floorIn this world, there is a room where Jonathan played the Doll Senate convenes, a room used by the monarch as a Royal Hospital, a room home to numerous toys character of [[Xeaphon (the "Doll Box"character), |Xeaphon]] and another room which has not been featured in the seriesCaroline played Moonita, connected by a landingXeaphon's sister. On the lower floor, there is a large room divided by a sofa into two parts, a kitchen, Xeaphon and a room where Moonita served as the Protectors Guardians of the Realm live. There is also a Garden, where toys are exiled as a criminal sentence' Land, bearing ultimate responsibility for its protection and underneath which several powerful spiritual beings referred to as "Titans" (named after a race of Greek gods also imprisoned after defeat) are imprisoned. At the end of CB.VII, a independent Land of toys ruled by a King is established in the Garden, known as [[Crepundia]]good governance.
As well as being home to humans and dogs, several groups of toys live in the Land. They are ruled over by a monarch and the Doll Senate, with a form of constitutional monarchy. The toys living in the Land include Barbies, teddy bears, action figures (mostly Action Men), and dolls. There are several rooms in the Land. On the upper floor, there is a room where the Doll Senate convenes, a room used by the monarch as a Royal Hospital, a room home to numerous toys (the "Doll Box"), and another room which has not been featured in the series, connected by a landing. On the lower floor, there is a living room into two parts by a sofa, a kitchen, and a room adjoining the Garden (which is where Protectors of the Realm live in CB.IV and is used as a school for the toys in CB.IX). The Garden is used as a destination to exile toys as a criminal sentence, and underneath the Garden several powerful spiritual beings referred to as the "Titans" are imprisoned, having been defeated in 1290 by one of Xeaphon's ancestors. At the end of CB.VII, a independent Land of toys ruled by a King is established in the Garden, known as [[Crepundia]], but it does not reappear in the series. The monarch of the toys of the Land is appointed by Xeaphon and the Doll Senate, as stated in CB.VI. Prior to the events of CB.IV, the Land maintained three separate armies for its security, each lead by a Captain and all following orders from a Minister of Defence appointed by the Doll Senate. The First Army was the largest, equipped with modern equipment such as guns and grenades, and despite later switching sides and allowing Xeaphon and Moonita into the Land initially rebelled alongside Colin in CB.IV. The Golden Arrows were the smallest army (Colin states that they were much larger before a "Battle of the Prison") and had the most advanced technology, including cybernetics, robots, and what appeared to be laser guns; they were Colin's most faithful followers, and supported his coup in CB.IV. The Third Army was the second largest, equipped with medieval technology such as swords, shields, and bows and arrows; they are described as "devoted to Xeaphon", and Colin only considered it safe to begin his uprising in CB.IV after the majority of them had been locked outside in the Garden. The Golden Arrows were exiled along with Colin at the end of CB.IV (with only one now remaining alive as of CB.XI), and the First and Third Armies continue continued to protect the Land, although they have been renamed to the People's Army and the Royal Army respectively since the exile of the Golden Arrows, (as first stated in episodes VII and VIII). The Land was also, before their deaths in 2014 and 2017 respectively, defended by [["Rose" Bramarley Paloma of Carothan|Rose]] and [["Edd" Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd of Carothan|Edd]], who were referred to as the Protectors of the Realm in CB.IV.
Another guarantor of the Land's security is Spectrum International Police, an organisation which functions as a form of security force for toys internationally. It is revealed in CB.IV that toy communities can allow whether or not to grant Spectrum jurisdiction over their lands, although the benefits of having trained agents ready to help in crises is evident in CB.II (in which Captain Scarlet arrives to help stop Bubbles) and CB.III and IV (in which Sergeant Grey arrives to help stop Bubbles and Colin respectively).
== Production ==
All of the ATP episodes of Cool Barbie so far have been were filmed using the video setting on a digital camera; the . The original two episodes were filmed on an analogue camcorder, and the original third episode was filmed on a digital camcorder. The first two original episodes were very crudely edited by transferring various clips from the camera onto a VHS cassette, and the third original episode was unable to be edited before being published on a DVD due to technical difficulties with the camera used. All ATP episodes have been were edited using [[w:Windows Movie Maker|Windows Movie Maker]].
[[File:Bubblesfingerscene.png|thumb|right|The thumb and forefinger of the then Crown Prince Jonathan clearly being seen to push Bubbles into his spaceship in CB.I.]]
The majority of characters in the films are toys, with relatively few characters (mostly playing minor roles) played physically by humans having been featured so far. Two methods are were used to film the toys "acting" - : the first method comprises comprised of the character's lines being spoken by their voice actor behind the camera while the toy is recorded; , whereas the second comprises comprised of scenes being filmed with no dialogue, for background noises to be cut out and replaced with recorded audio of the characters' lines during editing. Most episodes have used a mixture of both methods for toys speaking; while in Whereas the first two episodes series began with the first method was being used for all characters other than Cool Barbie herself, the second method has since become became increasingly commonas the series went on, with all episodes after CB.X, XI, XII and XIII IX having had their toy scenes filmed entirely in this way.
Despite ATP specifically attempting to film the modern episodes more competently than the originals, some mistakes have been made which were unable to be corrected during editing. This is most notable in CB.I, in which the then Crown Prince Jonathan's hand can be seen numerous times while moving Cool Barbie and Bubbles around the set; his thumb can also be seen holding Colin upright in a shot in CB.IV, and at the beginning of that episode the reflection of him filming can be seen in a window. Another similar incident is when the Dalek can be glimpsed on top of a small cupboard in CB.III, in the scene prior to that in which it is freed by Bubbles. In CB.VII, Moonita can be seen glancing down at a script when talking to Corporal Barbie, and a camera strap briefly falls into the shot later in the episode. Overall, however, this kind of "blooper" is rare. In CB.VIII, two mistakes of this kind - a door switching between being open and closed in different shots in a scene, and Xeaphon pointing a staff at Wisealise which is on the ground next to him in other shots - were addressed post-filming by changing the dialogue to explain that the staff holds reality-warping magical effects.
The three original Cool Barbie episodes were filmed by Jonathan I, Crown Princess Caroline and Lord Timothy before Austenasia was founded. Widely regarded as very badly filmed, these episodes (especially the first two) were full of plot holes, continuity errors, and breaking of the fourth wall, deriving great comedic value from their sometimes intentionally poor quality. The script for a fourth was written, but filming had barely started by the time that the project was abandoned.
The first two films were recorded onto a VHS tape, and were converted into digital format by ATP in September 2014. The third was recorded directly onto a DVD by a digital camcorder, but was unable to be edited until software was acquired in March 2015 enabling it to be downloaded to a computer. The three original films have yet to be released publicly, but footage from the first is used in ATP's Cool Barbie CB.I. Furthermore, with CB.IX made as somewhat of a tribute to ten years of Cool Barbie, audio clips from all three original episodes are used in CB.IX, a short clip from the original CB.I Cool Barbie film is seen on a television screen, and clips from all three original episodes are included in a tribute compilation after the credits. More clips from the original Cool Barbie film are included in a montage after the credits of the final ATP episode.
{| class="wikitable"
| align="left" | '''[[Cool Barbie XIV - The Invasion of the Eagle]]'''
| align="left" | The Eagle invades the Land with his army of toy animals, and after trapping Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie frees Colin, intending to drain the power of the latter. However, Colin drains the Eagle's power instead, and goes on to free, defeat, and then possess Kronos, giving himself the new name of "Dominus" and announcing that he will conquer the planetwith his amalgamation of magical power.
| align="left" | 9 September 2017
| align="left" | The second episode in a three-part finale.<br>Runtime: '''11:32'''
| align="left" | '''[[Cool Barbie XV - The Final Battle]]'''
| align="left" | After defeating the Elven Emperor, Dominus rules over planet Earth. As Dominus attempts to negotiate with the Scourge, Xeaphon and Cool Barbie collect magical crystals of the same class of the Thunder Stone. Teleporting to Dominus' palace, they use the Staff of High Elves and the stones they have collected to destroy the Scourge command ship threatening the Earth, and then to kill Dominus.| align="left" | ''24 December 2018''| align="left" | Under production. This will be the The final episode, concluding both the series and the three-part finale.<br>Runtime: '''13:01'''
*In CB.XI (2016), Sergeant Grey attempts at the start of the episode to get Corporal Barbie to their base in order to run some tests examining the effects of her recent body-swap.
*In CB.XIII (2017), Corporal Barbie and Agent Holly are both enlisted in their capacity as Spectrum agents to track down the assassin.
*In CB.XV (2018), Sergeant Grey uses the Spectrum archives to help Cool Barbie - who has left Spectrum due to its takeover by Dominus - aid Xeaphon in locating one of the elemental crystals they are seeking.
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