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Abeldane Empire

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Federal states
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'''Abelden''', officially the '''Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth'''<ref>'''German''': ''Abeldanisches Abeldänisches Kaiserreich und dessen Commonwealth'' '''French''': ''Empire abeldanais et le Commonwealth''. The full name is used rarely, only applied on special documents. The prefix ''The'' is a part of the full name in English.</ref> or more commonly as the '''Abeldane Empire''' ([[w:German|German]]: ''Abeldanisches Kaiserreich '' [[w:French|French]]: ''Empire abeldanais''), is a self-declared independent nation-state (more commonly referred to as a [[Micronation|micronation]] by outsiders) with claims in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica. It is governed under a federal semi-constitutional monarchy and a unicameral parliament.
The Empire consists of five federal states. Each federal state is headed by its own monarch and may also include a head of government, with [[Alenshka]] being the seat of the [[Abeldane Monarchy]] and the King of Alenshka being the Monarch at the same time. [[Newton von Uberquie|Newton I]] is the current Monarch, with [[Stephen FreaythEdward Daniels]] being the present incumbent [[Vorsitzender]]. The government is mostly based on the former [[w:German Empire|German Empire]], and the Empire maintains democratic values and basic micronational ideas to be integrated everywhere. Cultural diversity has a prominent place in the history of Abelden.
Abelden is a "Fifth World" micronation, scoring 11/12 on [[Classification_of_micronationsClassification of micronations#The Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification|Boodlesmythe-Tallini System]] and scoring 4.4 out of a 5 on [[Classification_of_micronationsClassification of micronations#David's_Micronational_Potential_Indexs Micronational Potential Index|David's Micronational Potential Index]] and 5.3 out of a 6 on [[Classification_of_micronationsClassification of micronations#Freayth's_System_of_Classifications System of Classification|Freayth's System of Classification]]
That same month, Stephen wrote a twenty-page constitution to replace the former one, due to the large changes in the empire. From late June to early July, Stephen reformed the Reichsversammlung, thus appointing a new Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter, as well as new members of parliament from each state. [[Emiel Hardy]] became Vorsitzender, and Isaac Reuel became Stellvertreter.
The Empire oversaw several changes during its federalisation, one of which was the abdication of King Dallin I as King of St. Castle because of his retirement from the micronational community. Emiel Hardy replaced him as King and Nuri van Dijk replaced Greiner as Grand Prince of Sinoland. <ref>Freayth, Stephen. [ "King of St. Castle abdicates"] ''Abeldane Times''. Retrieved 28 December 2016.</ref> The regency, which had begun since September 2015, finally ended on 31 August 2016 and on its replace established the Reichsräte, the Council of State, which composed appointed members to take over the Emperor's state duties while he was away.<ref>Freayth, Stephen. [ "Regency ends, Reichsrate established"] ''Abeldane Times''. Retrieved 28 December 2016.</ref>
During the first 4 months of the federal Empire, Abelden saw 3 federal states, Glaciania, Leganisberg, and Deoter, become part of [[Alenshka]]. [[East Nedland]] seceded from the Empire on September 2016 after a referendum and request by the Prince Edward I. Abelden oversaw the creation of the Grand Principality of Teodoria as the 13th federal state, headed by Grand Prince Lars. Two more states soon joined the Empire: the Duchy of Raonheim and the [[Landgraviate of Satirno]], thereby making up the present number of states in the Empire.
On the 18th of May 2018, the [[Landgraviate of Satirno]] seceded to become a federal state of the [[Nordkavn Federation]].
In June of 2018, following a period of personal and national inactivity, Emperor Nicholas announced his intention to abdicate in favor of the then-[[Newton von Uberquie|Prince Regent Newton]], who was first in line. On 16 June 2018, Newton officially ascended to the throne as Emperor Newton I. Among his first actions were declaring a snap election on June 21st21, and appointing the former Emperor Stephen, who had returned to Abeldane politics, Ervecysarich and first in line to the throne.
=== New constitution ===
On the 11th of 11 September 2018, a new constitution was enacted.
==Government and politics==
The [[Monarchy of Abelden|Monarch]] is the head of state of the Empire and as such is the head of the ''Crown'', which in turn is the state in all aspects and the legal embodiment of the executive, legislative and judicial governance in the Monarchy. The Monarch has the right to appoint and dismiss ministers or any members of the Imperial Government and is counselled on the matters of state by the [[Vorsitzender]] and the [[Cabinet of Abelden]]. The Monarch is a semi-constitutional monarch as the Monarch is subjected into the laws of the Empire, but may also do some independent decisions without consent. Constantly, the rule is mostly ignored and the Monarch is more of an absolute Monarch; hence why the presence of the Monarch is important to the activity and health of the Empire.<ref>[ The Imperial and Royal Monarchy] ''Imperial Abeldane Government'' Retrieved 28 December 2016.</ref>
[[File:SIRS15 tk.pngjpg|thumb|200px|left|[[Stephen I & II|Stephen FreaythTarik Kârjasary]], the current [[Vorsitzender]].]]
Under the Crown is the Imperial Government, which maintains the daily governance of the Empire and ensures the well-being of its citizens. In a legal sense, the Crown is the legal embodiment of all the three branches in the Imperial Government and as such the names ''His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty's Government'' is where it derives from. The Imperial Government is divided into three: the Emperor-in-Council (the executive), the Emperor-in-Parliament (the legislative) and the Emperor-in-Court (the judiciary).
General elections are usually the core of activity within the Empire as registered voters get to vote. Usually, general elections happen every 3 months a year, thereby making 3 general elections per year. Previously, general elections were held every 6 months. The longest gap between general elections was the gap between the [[Abeldane general elections, December 2015|December 2015 elections]] and the [[Abeldane general elections, June 2016|June 2016 elections]], a period of six months, following the official constitutional rule on elections per year.
Political parties in Abelden are very common and the oldest political party still in existence is the [[Abeldane Social Ecology]], established on 7 June 2017. ASE rose to this position after the merger of the [[Federalist Party of Abelden]] and the [[Rhinoceros Party of Abelden]]. The youngest political party in Abelden is the [[Abeldane Liberal AllianceLiberty Front]], which was founded in March of 2018. Presently, there are five four political parties operating in Abelden, with all but the ALA ALNA represented in the [[Reichsversammlung]].
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! [[Reichsversammlung|RVS]] seats
! Logo
| bgcolor="#0013d5" |
| [[Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front|Abeldane Liberal National Alliance]]
| [[w:Big tent|Big tent]] [[w:Centrism|centrism]]
| align="center" | [[w:Radical centrism|Centre]]
| ''Provisional''
| 2 April 2018
| {{ParlSeats|4|18|hex=#0013d5}}
| align="center" |[[File:ALNA-transparent.png|83x83px]]
| bgcolor="#A3C949" |
| [[w:Grassroots democracy|''Collective Leadership'']]
| 7 June 2017
| {{ParlSeats|31|1812|hex=#A3C949}}| align="center" |[[File:Social Ecology Party of Abelden.png|70x70px70px]]
| bgcolor="#FF0000C60101" || [[Die Rechte (Abelden)|Die Rechte]]| NFPR
| [[w:Nationalism|Nationalism]]
| align="center" | [[w:Center-right politics|Center-Rightright]]
| [[Stephen Freayth]]
| 27 November 2017
| {{ParlSeats|108|1812|hex=#FF0000C60101}}| align="center" |[[File:Die Rechte logo.png|70x70px75px]]|-| bgcolor="#0013d5" | | [[Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front|Abeldane Liberal National Alliance]]| ALNA| [[w:Big tent|Big tent]] [[w:Centrism|Centrism]]| align="center" | [[w:Radical centrism|Centre]]| ''Provisional''| 2 April 2018| {{ParlSeats|0|12|hex=#0013d5}}| align="center" |[[File:ALNA-transparent.png|40px]]|- | bgcolor="#00000" || [[Liberty Front]]| LF| [[w:Libertarianism|Libertarianism]]| align="center" | [[w:Centrism|Centre]]| [[Edward Daniels]]| 17 January 2019| {{ParlSeats|3|12|hex=#000000}}| align="center" |[[File:Liberty Front logo.png|75px]]
| bgcolor="gray" |
| [[w:Independent politician|Independents]]
| None
| align="center" | ''N/A''
| None
| {{ParlSeats|1|18|hex=gray}}
| align="center" |
The following are the current federal monarchs of the various states of the Empire:
<center><gallery widths="80px100px" heights="100px120px" perrow="9">
File:Syd Barrett Newton.jpeg|<center><small>[[Imperial and Royal Majesty|His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty]]</small><br>'''[[Newton von Uberquie|Newton]]''' <br><small>[[Abeldane Monarchy|Emperor of the Abeldane Empire]] [[Alenshka|and King of Alenshka]]</small></center>
File:Llewelyn Games Workshop.jpg|<center><small>[[Majesty|His Most August Majesty]]</small><br>'''[[Llewelyn Lawton|Llewelyn]]''' <br> <small>[[Monarchy of Morgannwg|King of Morgannwg]]</small></center>
File:Photo of Patrick 1.jpg|<center><small>[[Majesty|His Majesty]]</small><br>'''[[Patrick I, Emperor of Paravia|Patrick I]]''' <br><small>[[Monarchy of Demirelia|King of Demirelia]]</small></center>
File:Artlangportrait.png|<center><small>[[Majesty|Her Majesty]]</small><br>'''[[Dallin Langford|Artemis]]''' <br><small>[[Monarchy of St. Castle|Queen of St. Castle]]</small></center>
File:NuriPhoto.jpg|<center><small>[[Royal Highness|His Royal Highness]]</small><br>'''[[Nuri van Dijk|Nuri I]]''' <br> <small>[[Sinoland|Grand Prince of Sinoland]]</small></center>
File:MaxJupiter.jpg|<center><small>[[Royal Highness|His Royal Highness]]</small><br>'''Max''' <br> <small>[[Grand Duchy of Alexander|Grand Duke of Alexander]]</small></center>
File:15 tk.jpg|<center><small>[[Royal Highness|His Royal Highness]]</small><br>'''[[Tarik of Sabia and Verona|Tarik]]''' <br> <small>[[Grand Duchy of Rai|Grand Duke of Rai]]</small></center>
File:GcoaAbeldenAlenshka.png|<center><small>[[Highness|Her Highness]]</small><br>'''[[Jessika Ross|Jessika I]]''' <br> <small>Duchess of Foesterlingen</small></center>
File:Coat of arms of Satirno.png|<center><small>[[Highness|His Serene Highness]]</small><br>'''[[James Reginald Frisch|James]]''' <br> <small>[[Landgraviate of Satirno|Landgrave of Satirno]]</small></center>
</gallery> </center>
The current Cabinet is presently arranged as follows:
<center><gallery widths="95px100px" heights="110px120px" perrow="7">
File:SIRS.png|<center>'''[[Stephen I & II|Stephen Freayth]]''': <small><br> [[Vorsitzender]],<br>[[Ministry of Culture (Abelden)#Ministers|Minister of Culture]]</small></center>
File:MaxJupiter.jpg|<center>'''Max Pollack''': <small><br> [[Stellvertreter]], <small><br> [[Ministry of Media and Public Affairs (Abelden)|Minister of Media]]</small>
National holidays in Abelden are of an importance to all. Each federal state has their own respective holidays, but the Empire have holidays that applies to all federal states and not just to one. All holidays are not usually regulated, and may be removed or added with the discretion from the federal government.
On 20 January 2016, Emperor Stephen declared two new holidays in the Empire: the Autism Acceptance Day and the Anxiety and Depression Week. The AAD takes place every 2 April whilst the A&DW takes place every first week of May. The two holidays were dedicated to the Former Empress, who herself has autism and depression. <ref>Freayth, Stephen. [ "Emperor declares new holidays in Abelden"] ''Abeldane Times''. Retrieved 28 December 2016.</ref>
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
| Dementia Awareness Week
| 3-9 3–9 April
| Dedicated to all people who have dementia.
| Holy Days
| 13-15 13–15 April
| The three important days in the Christendom: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.
==External Linkslinks==
*[ Official website of the Imperial Government of Abelden]
*[ Official website of the Reichsversammlung]

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