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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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|3rd_h = Imperial Governor
|hos_name = [ Elizabeth II]
|hog_name = [[user:James O'Connell Nash|Duke O'Connell Nash]]Lord Lyons
|3rd_h_name = Lord Lyons
|legislature = Parliament
All but one of the territories are located in the UK and receive temperate maritime weather. They are all landlocked but are relatively close to the sea and experience heavy rain. The Southernmost constituent territories in the UK are the Dominion of Great Pecuniam, the parts of Anglestonia in England, and Bindia which are located in the North of England. Summers there are hot on some days but usually mild (50°F-70°F). Winters are mild (Around 40°F). The Scottish Colony and the part of Anglestonia in Northern Ireland are further north so have slightly colder weather. The Southernmost constituent territory overall is Raftia, located in Massachusetts, which expieriences a Continental climate, with temperatures ranging from about 82°F in Summer to 16°F in Winter. This gives it both the Hottest summers and the coldest winters in the empire.
{{Infobox nation
|name = The Kingdom Grand Duchy Of Anglestonia
|shortname = Anglestonia
|image1 = [[File:Anglestonian Flag.png|175px]]
|motto = Yn ffyddlon i’n gwlad (English: Loyal to our country)
|anthem = [ Guide me thou, o great Jehovah]
|location = Northern Ireland, England
|demonym = Anglestonian
|government = [[Absolute Executive Monarchy]]|head of state = King LyonsGrand Duke Llywelyn
|head of government =
|3rd_h =
|election_b =
|established = 12th October 2016
|area = 42 yds² approx2 ft²
|population =
|currency = Anglestonian Pound
===The Kingdom Grand Duchy of Anglestonia===
The Kingdom Grand Duchy of [[Anglestonia]] is a monarchy and is the main governing territory. It is classed as a constituent country, which is the highest rank for any territory in the empire. It is the oldest territory in the empire, being founded on the 12th of October 2016 with the British Empire as the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia, as it was one of the two original territories, the other being a 0.5 ft² territory called the South Anglestonia Colony which the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia annexed on the 17th of December 2016. Anglestonia used to be a Dominion, as the declaration of independence states that it is a Dominion because in the early days of the empire, there were only Colonies and Dominions. It was formerly described in the Empire passports as a Constituent Country/Dominion. It officially was promoted from a Dominion to a Constituent on the 19th of December 2016. It has its own constituent monarch: the King Grand Duke of Anglestonia, who governs Anglestonia as a royal dictator, only having to follow British Imperial law. Anglestonia consists of two regions: the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia and the Grand Duchy of Aurdalaith.
In March 2018, it increased in size from 2 ft² to 20 ft² when it annexed the much larger colony of Vietgnome. The colony has become the county of Vietgnome, maintaining its old motto, coat of arms and flag, and is one of two Anglestonian counties, the other being Leighfrith in Northern Ireland.
On the 18th of August 2018, Carsakhstan and the Grand Duchy merged, forming the Kingdom of Anglestonia, territory much larger than the Grand Duchy had been, at 42 square yards. Both territories became Grand Duchies within the Kingdom, with the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia retaining its name whilst Carsakhstan was renamed Aurdalaith.
On the 14th of September 2018, the Kingdom of Anglestonia enacted its constitution, becoming a protectorate of the British Empire. The county of Leighfrith became a condominium, a constituent country within the British Empire called the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia. The Grand Duchy of Anglestonia is part of the Kingdom of Anglestonia, with 2 square feet of its 20 square feet also simultaneously being part of the British Empire. As the Grand Duke is a constituent monarch within the British Empire, he exercises the powers of a constituent monarch, meaning that he is mostly in charge although has to follow the British Empire's laws and constitution.
Anglestonia is governed by the King, a royal dictator. The two Grand Duchies within the Kingdom have a degree of autonomy, although the King is Grand Duke of one of them, and the Grand Duke of the other is a cactus and so cannot make any governing acts, meaning that the King effectively controls both Grand Duchies. The Kingdom of Anglestonia is a constituent country of the British Empire, giving it significant autonomy.
Anglestonia has its own currency, the Anglestonian Pound. This currency comes in notes and coins. The banknotes of Anglestonia began being made on the 18th of August 2017, with the £1 notes being released. The £5 note was released on the next day. All bank notes have the Queen on them (The same picture used on Australian $5 notes), and the £5 note has the King /Grand Duke of Anglestonia on the back. The Bank of Anglestonia makes notes and the Grand Ducal Mint makes coins (confusingly, they have the same logo).
The Empire is mostly ethnically White British.
French and Latin are somewhat common 2nd languages but their speakers aren't fluent.
The median age of citizens of the British Empire is estimated at 17, as this age group makes up the majority of the population.

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