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Konraq Khanate

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Foreign Affairs
Konraq consisder themselves as the political sucessor of the Viadalvian Republic foreign policy has long been created by its leaders with the intention of finding ways to resolve domestic issues, sharing national values with others, and fostering peace and cooperation. However the Konraq Khanate refuses to sign millitary alliances due to the fact that Konraq is neutral with Hasanistan being the only execption
Konraq has close economic and military relations with its only neighbour. Hasanistan the [[Hasanistan-Konraq relations|Konraq-Hasani security alliance ]] acts as the cornerstone of the nation's foreign policy. The Konraq Khanate maintains formal diplomatic relations with three sovereign states [[Viadaliva]], [[Hasanistan]] and [[Dolmenia]]
===International Organisations===

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