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Amissopian Federation

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Government and politics
The national government is composed of two branches:
* Executive/legislative: The President possesses absolute power over legislation and execution of that legislation. In practice, the President's executive power is delegated to various ministries of the federal government, which act on the President's behalf through [[w:Statutory instrument|statutory instruments]]. The President's absolute legislative and executive authority and few constitutional limits make the position more akin to an elected monarch or dictator then republican than a democratic president.
* Judicial: The High Court of the Federation is the final court of appeal and only court in the land, and hears all cases at criminal and civil law. Its membership is appointed by the President for a life tenure, and members may only be removed by an independent Review Board appointed by the President. It is the only body able to exercise judicial review, and is empowered to overturn presidential decrees on grounds of unconstitutionality.

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