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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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|image1 = [[File:Anglestonian Flag.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Yn ffyddlon i’n gwlad (English: Loyal to our country)
|anthem = [ Guide me thou, o great Jehovah]
|location = Northern Ireland, England
|government = [[Absolute Monarchy]]
|head of state = King Lyons
|head of government = Lord Lyons
|3rd_h =
|hos_name =
|election_b =
|established = 12th October 2016
|area = 42 yds²approx
|population =
|currency = Anglestonian Pound
===The Kingdom of Anglestonia===
====History====The Kingdom of [[Anglestonia ]] is a monarchy and is the main governing territory. It is classed as a constituent country, which is the highest rank for any territory in the empire. It is the oldest territory in the empire, being founded on the 12th of October 2016 with the British Empire as the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia, as it was one of the two original territories, the other being a 0.5 ft² territory called the South Anglestonia Colony which the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia annexed on the 17th of December 2016. Anglestonia used to be a Dominion, as the declaration of independence states that it is a Dominion because in the early days of the empire, there were only Colonies and Dominions. It was formerly described in the Empire passports as a Constituent Country/Dominion. It officially was promoted from a Dominion to a Constituent on the 19th of December 2016. It has its own constituent monarch: the King of Anglestonia, who governs Anglestonia as a royal dictator, only having to follow British Imperial law. Anglestonia consists of two regions: the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia and the Grand Duchy of Aurdalaith.
In March 2018, it increased in size from 2 ft² to 20 ft² when it annexed the much larger colony of Vietgnome. The colony has become the county of Vietgnome, maintaining its old motto, coat of arms and flag, and is one of two Anglestonian counties, the other being Leighfrith in Northern Ireland.
Anglestonia is governed by the King, a royal dictator. The two Grand Duchies within the Kingdom have a degree of autonomy, although they are currently both run by the Kingis Grand Duke of one of them, and the Grand Duke of the other is a cactus and so cannot make any governing acts, meaning that the King effectively controls both Grand Duchies. The Kingdom of Anglestonia is a constituent countryof the British Empire, giving it significant autonomy.
|image1 = [[File:GreatPecuniam.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Gloria et Sapentia
|anthem =
|location = Durham, England
|demonym = Pecunian, Great Pecunian
|government = Democracy
|head of state = Lenty
|head of government =
|3rd_h = King of Regional Kingdom
|hos_name =
|hog_name =
|3rd_h_name = Torin I (the Great)
|4th_h = Duke [[user:James O'Connell Nash]]
|legislature =
|nat_animal =
|nat_sport = Golf, Durham Javelins
|nat_flower = Rose
|pat_saint =
|domain =
=====Flag Referendum=====
On the 10th of August 2017, a referendum began on an official flag for Pecuniam. The referendum was legally binding and ended on the 12th of August, with the current flag of Pecuniam being the winner. The flag had been designed a few days earlier on the 6th of August. The flag referendum included several joke comedic flags, one of which was second in the referendum.
====="Great Revolution" and Great Pecuniam under the Grand Marshal=====
On January the 4th, Lord Lyons led a coup and established Great Pecuniam. The Republic surrendered and Proletistan agreed to join. Great Pecuniam's claim over the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown was also recognised. This meant that Pecuniam had been restored to its original borders. The three pre-existing dominions of Proeletistan, Pecuniam, and the Pecunian Crown became autonomous regions, with the latter two merging to form the Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam.
The reign of the Grand Marshal saw a lot of cultural reform, such as a new motto, the introduction of the Pecunian Florin, a new coat of arms, and a national anthem to the tune of the Welsh song "Sosban Fach".
In late march 2018, a new territory called Viribius was added to Great Pecuniam, making it approximately 165 square feet larger.
=====Transition to Democracyand abdication of King Torin=====On 21 August 2018, Lord Lyons, as Grand Marshal, passed a new constitution, transitioning Great Pecuniam to a democracy called the Dominion of the Republic of Great Pecuniam. This constitution was, in fact, that of the old Republic of Pecuniam, albeit slightly tweakedmodified. The candidates standing were Duke O'Connell Nash of the Socialist Monarchist League (SML) and a cactus called Lenty of the Cactus' Equality Party. During the election, King Torin abdicated from the throne of the Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam, resulting in the SML withdrawing from the election and Lenty winning. Lenty became president, and subsequently also became Grand Duke of Aurdalaith, a title in Anglestonia given to whoever is President of Great Pecuniam.

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