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Autonomous Republic of Bergenpünt

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the name Konraq, comes from the Viadalvian name of Koirijaq Oglun. the founder of the [[w:Kazakh Khanate|Kazakh Khanate]] The most people pronunced Koirijaq as "Kon-raq" hence the current name Konraq can be pronounced as Kon-raq or Kon-ri-ag However the latter pronunciation is very rare and oftern only used by the country's upper class.<ref></ref>.
Contrary to popular belief. the offical name of Konraq is '''Konraq Khanate''' not '''Konraqi Khanate'''. This is due the offical name of the state in Dutch is '''Khanaat van de Konraq''' meaning Khanate of the Konraq

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