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Autonomous Republic of Bergenpünt

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|data1= <big>'''Konraq Khanate'''</big><br>'''Qonraq Kanrijk'''<br>'''Khanaat van de Konraq'''<hr>
|data2= <table width=100% style="background-color:transparent;"><tr><td width=50%>[[File:Flag of KonraqFadl.png|150px]]<br />{{small|Flag}}</td><td>[[File:Coat of Arms Greater COA of Konraq.png|80px130px]]<br />{{small|Coat of Arms}}</td></tr></table><hr />
|data3='''[[w:Motto|Motto]]'''<br>''"<small>Qodir Alloh Uchun Konraq</small>"''<hr>
|data4= '''[[w:National anthem|National Anthem]]'''<br>''"<small>[ Akku]</small>"''None<hr> <br>[[File:KonraqLocationOrthographic.png|250px]]''"<small>''Location of Konraq in green''</small>"''<hr>
|label5 = [[w:Official language|Languages]]
|data5 = [[Hasani language|Hasani]]<br>[[w:English language|English]] <br>[[w:Dutch language|Dutch]] <br>[[Viadalvian]]
|data6 = <hr>
|label7 = Religion
|data7 = SecularSunni Islam
|data8 = <hr>
|label9 = [[w:Government|Government]]
|data9 = Constuitional Absolute non-hereditary Monarchy
|label10 = {{*}}[[Monarchy of Konraq|Kan]]
|data10= [[HabdaminahMohammad I]]|label11 = {{*}}[[Grand VizierAtabeg]]|data11= [[Ino de Wacht]]''Vacant''
|data12 = <hr>
|label13 =Formation
|data16 = <hr>
|label17 = Population
|data17 = 1934
|label18 = [[w:Human Development Index|HDI]]
|data18 = {{increase}} 0.933 <small>(2017)</small><br /><span style="color:forestgreen;">'''very high'''</span>
'''Konraq''' (Viadalvian:Kojaqi) officaly the '''Konraq City StateKhanate''' is an independent state located located between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The nation is surrounded by the [[Hasanistan|Republic of Hasanistan]] It is the smallest state in the world by both area and population.
Konraq had been a small area on the outskirts of Batyr city centre that had been established in 2013 on the border regions of Hasanistan before the expansion of its territorial claims later that year. Konraq-Kazakhizia (under the name Konraq) was originally a Viadalvian province established with the approval of the Hasani government. Throughout its history, Konraq had been passed through the hands of various of other "[[Oegstgeestian micronationsMicronations]]" and even experienced short periods of [[First Konraqi Republic|indepen]][[Second Konraqi Republic|dence]]. In 2016, the Pavlovian government annexed the region (under the name of Kazakhizia) from Dachenia in the Treaty of Iskenderabat and integrated the region into Hasanistan proper. Following the collapse of Pavlov, the independent Hasani state integrated the region fully into the Province of Batyr. on August 4th 4, 2018, The Hasani Supreme Council passes an act that grants Konraq-Kazakhizia independence as the Konraqi City State On August 29 the state reformed into the Konraq Khanate
Most oudsiders described Konraq as political sucessor of the [[Viadalvia|Federal Republic of Viadalvia]], with almost the same political structure. and the same Viadalvian culture. There are many different ethnic groups within the RepublicKonraq, but the country is mostly influenced by the Kazakh-Kyrgyz (Turkic) culture, With clothesAswell with Persian and Arab influences Konraq had a new monarch after regent [[Bokyist Reaction|Mohammad Boky and his allies took over Konraq]]==Etymology==the name Konraq, a Westerncomes from the Viadalvian name of Koirijaq Oglun. the founder of the [[w:Kazakh Khanate|Kazakh Khanate]] The most people pronunced Koirijaq as "Kon-raq" hence the current name Konraq can be pronounced as Kon-raq or Kon-ri-European style ag However the latter pronunciation is mainly adoptes due very rare and oftern only used by the country's upper class.<ref></ref> Contrary to popular belief. the position offical name of The RepublicKonraq is '''Konraq Khanate''' not '''Konraqi Khanate'''. However, many men and women wear casual and other such items too. The cuisine This is due the offical name of the state in Dutch is mainly meat, such as cow, and horse'''Khanaat van de Konraq''' meaning Khanate of the Konraq
===Viadalvian Hasanistan===
Prior to its creation, the territory had been split between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan since 1924. In mid-2013, with the permission of the separatist Hasani government, Viadalvia laid claim to an area bordering Hasanistan. The small region, that bordered Hasanistan's capital Batyr, was declared an autonomous territory and officially named the "Viadalvian Republic of Hasanistan", with Ino De Wacht being selected as its viceroy. The Viadalvian Republic of Hasanistan was later reformed into a Federal territory the Viadalvian Republic of Konraq following queries by the Hasani government over the inclusion of the word "Hasanistan" in its former name. On November 14th 14, 2013, Ino De Wacht was overthrown by democratic revolutionaries following corruption, fraud and being a despot. The Hasani government officially remained neutral on the regime change and continued to hold a cordial relationship with Konraq. In 2014, Konraq seceded from Viadalvia as part of Operation 888
===First Republic===
Konraq declared independence form Viadalvia and the First Republic was proclaimed by Abdul Faisal, The regime was very hostile towards Hasanistan (despite Hasanistan never knew about the state) and other claimants of it, The primary source of law is the Islamic Sharia derived from the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah (the traditions of the Prophet). On Febuary 17th, In order to prevent that Konraq would be annexed by Hasanistan. Derskovia invaded the Republic
In addition to diplomatic relations, a pact of mutual defence was established between Hasanistan and the new Konraqi state. The pact was ensured to be solely defensive and in respect of Hasanistan's neutrality policy. A rotating leadership of the pact was established in the act to oversee the defensive alliance, with the head of states of both states taking turns to manage it. The Konraqi head of state had been announced as the first General Secretary of the Pact.
The Konraqi government had already established the basics of the government structure after the act had passed.
===Recent History===
On August 29 , the Senate of Konraq, , held an extraordinary meeting in order to make some, at first, largely cosmetic constitutional changes. The government reformed itself from a republic to a constuitional non hereditary monarchy the title of Mayor President is abolished and the title of Khan was created. The reason why the constuitional reform is approved is due to Konraq's small size and to give Konraq more prestige. Also Konraq was also named after a Kazakh khan so it dosent feel right to have Konraq as a republic
The overthrow of the monarchy was started by regent Mohammad Boky who was appointed by Habdaminah to regin while the Kan was absent , Bokyists derived their support primarily from the conservative and muslim people and the fact that the Kan was absent in Konraq for many times . Most of the Bokyists deposed the queen were ulema and conservative citizens,, the reaction was also intented on day of eid-al-fitr They included former Balal legislators, government officers, and armed forces members
The events began on May 23 when Habdaminah asked Boky to regisn as regent, Boky responded in a letter that the ''Konraqi people arent listing to a western puppet king'' initiated the overthrow by organizing approximately 22 of the 34 citizens proclaimed loyality to Boky,
As these events were unfolding, the Monarchy of Konraq expressed concern for the safety and preventation of a armed coup
On the next day, the Boky addressed a crowd assembled in whatsapp and read aloud a proclamation that formally deposed Kan Habdaminah, Habdaminah proclaimed a government in exile in the Netherlands
The Government of Konraq takes place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic aconstuitional non hereditary monarchy and of a multi-party nonpartisan system. The Mayor-President of Konraq Kan (Khan) is the head of state, leads the foreign policy, and is the Commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces. Legislative power is vested in the [[Senate (Konraq)|Senate of Konraq]], and the government has limited rights to amend or extend legislation. The Mayor-President Kan of Konraq has the power of veto over parliamentary decisions although it can be overrun by the parliament. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. The Judiciary consists of two systems, regular courts and administrative courts, headed by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, respectively. Administrative courts process cases where official decisions are contested. There is no "Constitutional Court" - the constitutionality of a law can be contested only as applied to an individual court case. Though Konraq has a primarily parliamentary system, the president Kan has some notable powers. The foreign policy is led by the presidentKan, "in co-operation" with the Senate, and the same applies to matters concerning national security. The main executive power lies in the cabinet headed by the prime minister. Konraqians enjoy individual and political freedoms, and suffrage is universal at age 13
===Law and Order===
Law enforcement in Konraq is the responsibility of the Civil Guard (Jurisprudence operates on a Retributive justice system, with crimes being tried by a Province Court, a City Court, or the National Court, depending on the severity of the offence.
==Administrative divisions==
Konraq is divided into three parishes. Each one is controlled by an alderman who is appointed by the Kan
| 4 August 2018
| 10
| 1 &nbsp;km²
| Ino de Wacht
| [[File:Location Atklai.png|120px]]
| 4 August 2018
| 5
|1 &nbsp;km²
| Omid Hazel
| [[File:Center Location.png|120px]]
==Foreign Affairs==
{{Main|Foreign relations of Konraq}}
Konraq consisder themselves as the political sucessor of the Viadalvian Republic foreign policy has long been created by its leaders with the intention of finding ways to resolve domestic issues, sharing national values with others, and fostering peace and cooperation. It don’t accept However the Konraq Khanate refuses to sign millitary alliances due to the fact that Konraq is neutral with Hasanistan being the only execption Konraq has close economic and military relations with its only neighbour. Hasanistan the [[Hasanistan-Konraq relations|Konraq-Hasani security alliance]] acts as the cornerstone of the nation's foreign policy. The Konraq Khanate maintains formal diplomatic relations with three sovereign states [[Viadaliva]], [[Hasanistan]] and [[Dolmenia]] ===International Organisations===Konraq is a founding member of the [[Batyraq Pact]]. It was one of the first countries to start Pamluk integration. Being a small country with a history of dependence to other nations. It was elected to be the first leading nation of the pact
Konraq has close economic and military relations with its only nighbourbecame a full member of the [[Micronational Olympic Federation]] in August 2018. Hasanistan the Konraq-Hasani security alliance acts as the cornerstone of also an observer state in the nation's foreign policy. The KCS maintains formal diplomatic relations with three sovereign statesViadaliva, Hasanistan and Dolmenia[[Grand Unified Micronational]] on 8 September 2018
===Recognised; no relations===
*[[File:Flag_of_the_United_Nations.png|border|25px]] All [[w:Member states of the United Nations|member states of the United Nations]]
*[[File:New MOF Logo.png|border|25px]] All [[MOF|Member states of the Micronational Olympic Federation]]
*[[File:GUM logo.png|border|25px]] All [[Grand Unified Micronational|Members of the Grand Unified Micronational]]
===Diplomatic Relations===
*[[File:Dolmanian flag.png|25px]] Republic of Dolmenia
*[[File:Hasanistan.png|25px]] Federal Republic of Hasanistan
*[[File:Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png|border|25px]] [[Viadalvia|Republic of Viadalvia]]
[[File:Mapofkonraq.png|border|250px|thumb|Map of Konraq]] [[File:Satfkonraq.png|border|250px|thumb|left|Satilite map of Konraq]] Konraq is a mountainous, landlocked country located in Central Asia. It is an enclave, surrounded by Hasanistan. The total length of the country's borders is 797 meters (565 &nbsp;mi). Lesotho covers an area of around 36 square meters
Viadalvian Cuisine refers to the food which is considered traditional in Viadalvia or recopies which have been developed by Viadalvian citizens. It also refers to the shared culinary traits found in Viadalvian people. Viadalvian salad is a traditional Viadalvian food (salad with much Cream) and Ras Patat and Big Boom an ovendish with created in Adania

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