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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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The Dominion of Great Pecuniam
====="Great Revolution" and Pecunian Re-Unification=====
On January the 4th, Lord Lyons led a coup and established Great Pecuniam. The Republic surrendered and Proletistan agreed to join. Great Pecuniam's claim over the Dominion of the Pecunian Crown was also recognised. This meant that Pecuniam had been restored to its original borders. The three pre-existing dominions of Proeletistan, Pecuniam, and the Pecunian Crown became autonomous regions, with the latter two mergingto form the Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam.
=====Annexation of County of Viribius=====
In late march 2018, a new territory called Viribius was added to Great Pecuniam, making it approximately 165 square feet larger.
=====Transition to Democracy=====
On 21 August 2018, Lord Lyons, as Grand Marshal, passed a new constitution, transitioning Great Pecuniam to a democracy called the Dominion of the Republic of Great Pecuniam. This constitution was, in fact, that of the old Republic of Pecuniam, albeit slightly tweaked.

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