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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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The British Empire is made of 6 constituent territories (territories which are part of the country) and one dependency two dependencies (a territory territories outside of the country but controlled by the British Empire).The 6 constituent territories are the Grand Duchy Kingdom of Anglestonia, The Principality of Bindia, The Dominion of Great Pecuniam, Vietgnome, Raftia, and the Scottish Colony.The dependency is dependencies are the South Durham the Antarctic coast and the Mars Dependency on the summit of the Martian mountain of Olympus Mons
The South Durham Islands are not a constituent territory of the empire and are instead a dependency. They are Antarctic Islands off the Canisteo Peninsula. They are the only non landlocked territory and so have a coast. Most of the territory is water. It's is difficult to tell which parts of the territory are islands and which parts aren'tare not.
Anglestonia is located in the North East of Northern Ireland, the Ihe Scottish Colony in West Scotland, Bindia, Vietgnome and Great Pecuniam are in County Durham, in the North East of England, and Anglestonia is mostly in County Durham but a small part of it is in Northern Ireland. The dependency of the South Durham Islands is located in Antarctica.
Five out All but one of the six constituent territories are located in the UK and receive temperate maritime weather. They are all landlocked but are relatively close to the sea and experience heavy rain. The Southernmost constituent territories in the UK are the Dominion of Great Pecuniam, Vietgnomethe parts of Anglestonia in England, and Bindia which are located in the North of England. Summers there are hot on some days but usually mild (50°F-70°F). Winters are mild (Around 40°F). Anglestonia The Scottish Colony and the Scottish Colony part of Anglestonia in Northern Ireland are further north so have slightly colder weather. The Southernmost constituent territory overall is Raftia, located in Massachusetts, which expieriences a Continental climate, with temperatures ranging from about 82°F in Summer to 16°F in Winter. This gives it both the Hottest summers and the coldest winters in the empire.
|election_b =
|established = 12th October 2016
|area = 20 ft²42 yds²
|population =
|currency = Anglestonian Pound
|languages =
|demonym = Pecunian, Great Pecunian
|government = Socialist, [[Dictatorship]]Democracy|head of state = Grand Marshal|head of government = Grand Marshal
|3rd_h = King of Regional Kingdom
|4th_h = Prime Minister of Regional Kingdom
|hos_name = Lord Lyons|hog_name = Lord Lyons
|3rd_h_name = Torin I (the Great)
|4th_h = Duke [[user:James O'Connell Nash]]
The Dominion of Great Pecuniam is the largest constituent territory in the British Empire at roughly 100 yds². It is also at the eastern edge of the British Empire, located in County Durham in the North East of England. It is governed by the Grand Marshal of Pecuniam, a military dictator. It was acquired in the Anglo-Pecuniam war, which saw the British Empire invade Pecuniam in a short war and annex the territory. This made the British Empire over 250 times larger, going from 3 ft² to 85 yds². Pecuniam is Latin for money, and was named this because the Duke of Pecuniam (the founder) is wealthy and likes Latin.
Great Pecuniam is a Socialist Military dictatorship led by a Grand Marshal.It Dominion which consists of two autonomous regions: Proletistan and the Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam, the latter of which is the larger. Proletistan is more Sovietsoviet-Communist communist styled, featuring certain Soviet symbols, whilst the Regional Kingdom of Pecuniam has more to do with the old capitalist Pecuniam, with the same King, symbols, but under a Socialist socialist (non-communist) government. The Grand Marshal is an Autocrat with regards to the central government, but is not the head of either of the autonomous regions.
====Constitutional Violations (Former Dominion of the Kingdom of Pecuniam)====
The Constitution is an important legal document in the empire which sets the rights of the people and the basic laws and structure of government. It also sets the laws of the army and was the document which officially founded the army.
The Imperial Governor may not pass legislation which violates the constitution but does have the power to amend the constitution.
The constitution has been amended twice. The 1st amendment saw Satanism legalised. Satanism had been banned under the constitution but this was changed because it violated religious freedoms. The amendment set guidelines on Satanism, banning it from insulting or preaching against God or any other religions. Atheistic Satanism is still banned as it is not seen as a religion but instead as a social movement which is offensive to the Abrahamic religions. The amendment also banned "Unethical Religious/Cultural practises" which banned cultural and religious practises which are violent or discriminative. The 2nd amendment changed the head of state's title from Empress to Empress and Queen. It also gave Dominions the right to have their own monarchies.

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