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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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|hos_name = [ Elizabeth II]
|hog_name = Vacant
|3rd_h_name = Daniel Lord Lyons
|legislature = Parliament
|type_a = Parliament
The British Empire is a Micronation founded on the 12th of October 2016. The head of state (Empress and Queen) is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, however, the person in charge of actually running the country is the 'Imperial Governor' who is Daniel Lord Lyons, who is also the Grand Duke of Anglestonia, a constituent country within the empire.
'''Creation of the British Empire'''
The founder of the empire, Daniel Lord Lyons, purchased a 2 square foot plot of land in Northern Ireland from a website called and this
was split into two territories, a 18 by 12 inch territory called the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia, and a 12 by 6 inch territory called the South Anglestonia Colony. On this day, the first passport (The Grand Duke's) was made official, having been made the day before.
{{Infobox nation
|name = The Grand Duchy Kingdom Of Anglestonia
|shortname = Anglestonia
|image1 = [[File:Anglestonian Flag.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto = Anglestonia Y Gwan ond Balch
|anthem = [ Guide me thou, o great Jehovah]
|location = Northern Ireland, England
|demonym = Anglestonian
|government = [[Absolute Monarchy]],[[Feudalism]]|head of state = Grand Duke Daniel King Lyons|head of government = Grand Duke Daniel Lord Lyons
|3rd_h =
|hos_name =
===The Grand Duchy Of Kingdom of Anglestonia===The Grand Duchy Kingdom of Anglestonia is a monarchy and is the main governing territory. It is classed as a constituent country, which is the highest rank for any territory in the empire. It is the oldest territory in the empire , being founded on the 12th of October 2016 with the British Empire as the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia, as it was one of the two original territories, the other being a 0.5 ft² territory called the South Anglestonia Colony which the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia annexed on the 17th of December 2016, increasing the size of the Grand Duchy from 1.5 ft² to 2 ft². For a short time after, it was the only territory in the empire, until the Scottish Colony was established 2 days later on the 19th of November. During the time in which there was both a Grand Duchy of Anglestonia and a South Anglestonia Colony (which the Grand Duchy controlled), they were described together as the Anglestonian lands. The lands consisted of a 1 by 2 foot piece of land in which the southern end was the South Anglestonia Colony. Anglestonia used to be a Dominion, as the declaration of independence states that it is a Dominion because in the early days of the empire, there were only Colonies and Dominions. It was formerly described in the Empire passports as a Constituent Country/Dominion. It officially was promoted from a Dominion to a Constituent on the 19th of December 2016. It has its own constituent monarch: the Grand Duke King of Anglestonia, who governs not only Anglestonia but the entire empire as Imperial Governor. Anglestonia has its own nobility with an Earldomabsolute monarch, Duchy, and several citizens holding the title Lordonly having to follow British Imperial law. Anglestonia has a colony within consists of two regions: the British Empire called the Scottish Colony and also has light administrative powers over the Dominion Grand Duchy of Pecuniam. Anglestonia is an absolute monarchy as and the Grand Duke has full control over the territory and only needs to follow the laws Duchy of the British Empire such as the Constitution and the Weights and Measures actAurdalaith.
In March 2018, it increased in size from 2 ft² to 20 ft² when it annexed the much larger colony of Vietgnome. The colony has become the county of Vietgnome, maintaining its old motto, coat of arms and flag, and is one of two Anglestonian counties, the other being Leighfrith in Northern Ireland.
On the 18th of August 2018, Carsakhstan and the Grand Duchy merged, forming the Kingdom of Anglestonia, territory much larger than the Grand Duchy had been, at 42 square yards. Both territories became Grand Duchies within the Kingdom, with the Grand Duchy of Anglestonia retaining its name whilst Carsakhstan was renamed Aurdalaith.
Anglestonia is governed by the Grand DukeKing, an Absolute Monarch. It is officially feudalThe two Grand Duchies within the Kingdom have a degree of autonomy, although is very different from traditional feudalismthey are currently both run by the King. The Grand Duke has absolute power and Anglestonia is the only legislatora constituent country, giving it significant autonomy.
Anglestonia has its own currency, the Anglestonian Pound. This currency comes in notes and coins. The banknotes of Anglestonia began being made on the 18th of August 2017, with the £1 notes being released. The £5 note was released on the next day. All bank notes have the Queen on them (The same picture used on Australian $5 notes), and the £5 note has the Grand Duke King of Anglestonia on the back. The Bank of Anglestonia makes notes and the Grand Ducal Mint makes coins (confusingly, they have the same logo).
Anglestonia is self-defined as a Feudal state, however, reform has effectively removed this from the economic modelsocialist country. Under the current system, Everybody pays tax to the Bank of Anglestonia (The charter states that it can be payed to regions but there aren'tany regions where this takes place). Tax is based on the amount of money you already have. The more money you have, the higher percentage of tax you pay. The government offers 10s a month benefits to the unemployed on two conditions (1: the person is unemployed and the government can't find them a job. 2: They own less than £3). Interest on loans is banned outright. Fines issued may not exceed £5.
===The Principality of Bindia===
=====Creation of the Post of King and Accession to the Throne of King Torin=====
On the 10th of August 2017, the Duke (who was the leader of Pecuniam at the time) lost a duel to his friend, Torin, who became the new leader. As soon as the duel ended, negotiations began and the final agreement was that the Duke would retain his title, but Torin would become King, turning the Dominion from a duchy Duchy to a kingdomKingdom.
=====Acquisition of Pecunian Raftia, and Some Laws Passed by King Torin=====
In September, King Torin established a new colony in North America called Raftia, and it was put under heavy administrative powers of Pecuniam.
He also styled himself as Torin The Great. He removed all official names for Pecuniam other than Pecuniam. These names were Airgead, Goldland, Llifaur, and Potentia. However, in Anglestonia, Pecuniam is referred to as Pen Mawr or Penmawr, which is Welsh for Big Head, making fun of Pecunians for their perceived egos.
=====Pecunian Banking Charter=====
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The Scottish Colony was established on the 19th of December 2016 and is territory a colony of the Grand Duchy Kingdom of Anglestonia. It is located in Glencoe, Scotland and is 1 ft² in size. It has its own flag, featuring a red ensign defaced with a shield with the Royal Banner of Scotland on it.
The Colony is the smallest territory in the empire and has always been since its existence, however, the former South Anglestonia Colony which was dissolved 2 days before the Scottish Colony was established, was half the size of the Scottish Colony. The Scottish Colony also used to make up 1/3 of the Empire's territory before Pecuniam was annexed. Due to formerly making up a large portion of the empire, there were originally plans to make it into the 'Dominion of Glencoe', however, this decision never went forward and has been abandoned due to the fact that the territory now comprises of
only 0.13% of the empire.
Anglestonia and Pecuniam both have their own currencies, the Anglestonian Pound and the Pecuniam Pound respectively. Although the Pound Sterling is the De Jure official currency of the empire, the Anglestonian Pound is the De Facto official currency. The British Imperial Government cannot fine or tax in currencies that aren't produced in the empire, meaning that the pound sterling is not a currency used by the government.
The British Empire has a very weak export economy. The only thing they've have ever exported were small paper flags, equating to nine Anglestonian pounds.
The Empire is mostly ethnically British, although there is a Pakistani population.
The median age of citizens of the British Empire is estimated at 17, as this age group makes up the majority of the population. It does not go over 18 or under 12

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