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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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The Grand Duchy Of Anglestonia
In March 2018, it increased in size from 2 ft² to 20 ft² when it annexed the much larger colony of Vietgnome. The colony has become the county of Vietgnome, maintaining its old motto, coat of arms and flag, and is one of two Anglestonian counties, the other being Leighfrith in Northern Ireland.
Anglestonia is governed by the Grand Duke, an Absolute Monarch. It is officially feudal, although is very different from traditional feudalism. The Grand Duke has absolute power and is the only legislator.
Anglestonia has its own currency, the Anglestonian Pound. This currency comes in notes and coins. The banknotes of Anglestonia began being made on the 18th of August 2017, with the £1 notes being released. The £5 note was released on the next day. All bank notes have the Queen on them (The same picture used on Australian $5 notes), and the £5 note has the Grand Duke of Anglestonia on the back. The Bank of Anglestonia makes notes and the Grand Ducal Mint makes coins (confusingly, they have the same logo).
Anglestonia is self-defined as a Feudal state, however, reform has effectively removed this from the economic model. Under the current system, Everybody pays tax to the Bank of Anglestonia (The charter states that it can be payed to regions but there aren'tany regions where this takes place). Tax is based on the amount of money you already have. The more money you have, the higher percentage of tax you pay. The government offers 10s a month benefits to the unemployed on two conditions (1: the person is unemployed and the government can't find them a job. 2: They own less than £3). Interest on loans is banned outright. Fines issued may not exceed £5.

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