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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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The Dominion of Great Pecuniam
|demonym = Pecunian, Great Pecunian
|government = Socialist, [[Dictatorship]]
|head of state = Grand Marshal|head of government = Grand Marshal Lyons|3rd_h = King of Regional Kingdom|4th_h = Prime Minister of Regional Kingdom|hos_name = Lord Daniel Lyons|hog_name = Lord Daniel Lyons|3rd_h_name = Torin I (the Great)|4th_h = Duke [[user:James O'Connell Nash]]
|legislature =
|type_a =
|election_a =
|election_b =
|established = 25th June 2017|population = 5|currency = Great Pecunian Florin (Þ)
|time_zone = GMT
|nat_drink = Tea|nat_animal = |nat_sport = Golf, Durham Javelins|nat_flower = Rose
|pat_saint =
|domain =
|calling_code =
|notes =
|web = [ Great Pecuniam Webpage]
=====Conquest of the Duchy of Pecuniam=====
Pecuniam was the only territory to be gained by the empire through war. A nation called Pecuniam was established on the 25th of June 2017 by the Duke of Pecuniam, who wanted a capitalist state. This nation was very basic, only consisting of a name (Pecuniam), a leader, and a territory (a house and a garden). The Empire had previously created a 'Military Presence' in a nearby area and used this in the war. Pecuniam was invaded and in the Treaty of Durham, was entirely ceded to the empire where it became the Dominion of Pecuniam with the previous leader serving as Duke (His title prior to this was undefined). The empire then measured the garden to be 84.74 yds² and the next day, the house was ceded to the United Kingdom because it would have been difficult to measure. On the 7th of July, Goldland and Airgead became joint official names (these extra names were removed in September 2017).
=====Flag Referendum=====

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