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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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===The Dominion of Great Pecuniam===
The Dominion of Pecuniam is the largest constituent territory in the British Empire at roughly 100 yds². It is also at the eastern edge of the British Empire, located in County Durham in the North East of England. It is governed by the Grand Marshall Marshal of Pecuniam, a military dictator. It was acquired in the Anglo-Pecuniam war, which saw the British Empire invade Pecuniam in a short war and annex the territory. This made the British Empire over 250 times larger, going from 3 ft² to 85 yds². Pecuniam is Latin for money, and was named this because the Duke of Pecuniam (the founder) is wealthy and likes Latin.
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the head of state of the British Empire. She has the title "Empress and Queen", formerly just Empress until the 2nd Constitutional Amendment. HM Elizabeth is also the religious head of the empire, as she is head of the Church of England, the British Empire's official church.
'''Head Level of GovernmentDemocracy'''The head of government is Daniel Lyons, who is also the founder of the empire and Grand Duke of Anglestonia. The official title for head of government is "Imperial Governor". The Imperial Governor is an unelected title and the Imperial Governor has absolute power, making him a Dictator. However, the Imperial Governor sometimes allows citizens to vote in decisions in referendums, giving the British Empire has characteristics of a degree of democracyand a dictatorship.
'''Legislation'''Almost all The head of government is an elected position, and legislation is done voted on by an elected parliament. This means that the central government is mostly democratic. The empire was formerly a dictatorship, with the Imperial Governor having absolute control over the nation, even stylising himself as a dictator. The Imperial Governorstill retains some power. Dominions and Constituent countries have This consists of having co-control over the website, the power to legislate over themselves impeach politicians on charges of corruption, and his consent is required for constitutional amendments. The office of Imperial Governor constitutionally belongs to the Grand Duke of Anglestonia. None of the constituent territories in the British Empire are democratic. This creates a strange circumstance where the central government is democratic but all of the empire sometimes holds referendums in order 's territory is under the control of dictators. The constitution restricts the central government from being able to make decisionsreplace the dictatorial governments of the territories.
Japanese is spoken fluently by one citizen
French and Latin are somewhat common 2nd languages but their speakers aren't fluent. Latin features in the culture of Pecuniam such as in the name and motto.
The median age of citizens of the British Empire is between 16 and estimated at 17, as this age group makes up the majority of the population.It does not go over 18 or under 12

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