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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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The Scottish Colony
1st. The King of Pecuniam passed a law making criticism of his leadership a capital offence. This law was declared unconstitutional by the Imperial Governor on the grounds of it violating the Rights of the People: Article 7 which states "Right to live: No death penalty". The law was also vetoed by the Governor of Pecuniam on behalf of the Anglestonian government.
2nd. In the charter of the Bank of Pecuniam, Pecuniam adopted "Semi-Feudalism" where a Serf was required to work the land for his lord. This violated the constitution which gave people "Freedom from enforced labour". Pecuniam responded by adopting Anglestonian style Feudalism. 3rd. Pecuniam fined somebody 140 Pecuniam Pounds (more than exists) for 7 posters/cartoons, 6 of which were Anti-Pecunian. These were overturned by the Imperial Government because they violated freedom of speech and expression of opinion.
===The Scottish Colony===
{{Infobox nation
|name = Scottish Colony
|shortname =
|image1 = [[File:Scottish Colony.png|175px]]
|image2 =
|motto =
|anthem =
|location = Glencoe, West Scotland
|capital =
|largest_city =
|languages = English (de facto)
|demonym = Scottish
|government = [[Colony]] of Anglestonia
|head of state =
|head of government =
|3rd_h =
|hos_name =
|hog_name =
|3rd_h_name =
|legislature =
|type_a =
|type =
|seats_a =
|seats_b =
|election_a =
|election_b =
|established = 17th December 2016
|area = 1 ft²
|population =
|currency = Anglestonian Pound
|time_zone = GMT
|nat_drink =
|nat_animal =
|pat_saint =
|domain =
|calling_code =
|notes =
|web =
===The Scottish Colony===

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