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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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The Colony is the smallest territory in the empire and has always been since its existence, however, the former South Anglestonia Colony which was dissolved 2 days before the Scottish Colony was established, was half the size of the Scottish Colony. The Scottish Colony also used to make up 1/3 of the Empire's territory before Pecuniam was annexed. Due to formerly making up a large portion of the empire, there were originally plans to make it into the 'Dominion of Glencoe', however, this decision never went forward and has been abandoned due to the fact that the territory now comprises of
only 0.13% of the empire.
{{Infobox nation
|name = Carsakhstan
|shortname =
|image1 =
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|motto =
|anthem =
|location = Durham
|demonym = Anglestonian
|government = [[Colony]] of Anglestonia, [[Mandate]] of Great Pecuniam
|head of state =
|head of government =
|3rd_h =
|hos_name =
|hog_name =
|3rd_h_name =
|legislature =
|type_a =
|type =
|seats_a =
|seats_b =
|election_a =
|election_b =
|established =
|area = 40 yd²
|population =
|currency =
|time_zone = GMT
|nat_drink =
|nat_animal =
|pat_saint =
|domain =
|calling_code =
|notes =
|web =
Carsakhstan is a colony of Anglestonia and Great Pecuniam. It is officially an Anglestonian colony although it is run mostly by Great Pecuniam, who has heavy administrative powers over it. At around 40 square yards, it is the British Empire's 2nd largest territory. Its territory consists of a garage, making it the only territory in the empire to feature a proper building (Anglestonia contains a tiny decorative gnome house). Due to the colony being a garage, it was named Carsakhstan, a pun on Kazakhstan. Another name considered was Carmenia. The Carsakhstan colony was claimed shortly after the founding of Great Pecuniam, as part of the plan to make Great Pecuniam a more powerful territory.
'''Head of Government'''
The head of government is Daniel Lyons, who is also the founder of the empire and Grand Duke of Anglestonia. The official title for head of government is "Imperial Governor". The Imperial Governor is an unelected title and the Imperial Governor has absolute power, making him a Dictator. However, the Imperial Governor sometimes allows citizens to vote in decisions in referendums, giving the British Empire a degree of democracy.

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