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List of Cool Barbie characters

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===Corporal (Cool) Barbie===
{{Main|Corporal Barbie (character)}}
[[File:CoolBarbie.jpg|thumb|right|120px|Corporal Barbie in her original body (left, CB.VII) and in Moonita's (right, CB.VIII)]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky'' (2009)
===Commander Xeaphon XVIII===
{{Main|Xeaphon (character)}}
[[File:Xeaphon.png|thumb|right|90px|Xeaphon in his NETDOF office in the Xeaphon minisode]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising'' (2009)
Bureaucrats, Check users, Interface administrators, logadmin, nocats, superuser, Administrators, techadmin, useradmin

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