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Secretary-General (Austenasia)

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| minister = not_prime
| insignia = File:SecretaryAustenasia.png| insigniacaption = Logo of the
| department = Secretary-General's Office
| post = Secretary-General
| image = HRH The Grand Duke Joseph.jpg
| imagesize = 120
| incumbent = [[Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy|HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy,<br>Duke of BohemiaNew Virginia]]
| incumbentsince = 8 October 2017
| appointer = [[Austenasian Monarchy|The Monarch]] on the advice of the [[Prime Minister of Austenasia|Prime Minister]]
The '''Secretary-General of Austenasia''' is the member of [[Cabinet of Austenasia|Cabinet]] to whom is delegated responsibility for various duties concerning the administration of the government of the [[Empire of Austenasia]]. The main jobs of the Secretary-General are to keep records of Parliament meetings, ensure that the [[Austenasian Monarchy|Line of Succession to the Throne]] is kept updated, acquire [[Honorary Subject of Austenasia|Honorary Subjects]] for the Empire, form contingency plans for various possible emergencies, register marriages, and organise the counting of votes for General Elections; the position has been described as a "one-man civil service". The incumbent, since 8 October 2017, has been [[Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy|HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia]].
====List of Secretaries-General====
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!Left office
|'''[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]'''
|'''Independent'''<br>''(considered [[w:Monarchism|Monarchist]]')''
|'''12 Nov 2008'''
|'''24 Dec 2011'''
|'''[[Crown Princess Caroline of Austenasia|HIH Crown Princess Caroline]]'''
|'''Independent'''<br>''(considered [[w:Social liberalism|Social liberal]]')''
|'''24 Dec 2011'''
|'''19 Nov 2013'''
|'''[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]'''
|'''[[Imperium (political theory)#RomanitismTheodorist Party of Austenasia|Romanitist]] [[w:Monarchism|monarchistTheodorist Party]]'''<br>''(before 20 February 2014)''
|'''19 Nov 2013'''
|'''17 Oct 2014'''
|'''[[Lord Charles Clarke|Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge]]'''
|'''[[w:ConservatismConservative Party of Austenasia|ConservativeParty]]'''
|'''17 Oct 2014'''
|'''4 Mar 2015'''
|'''[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]'''
|'''Independent'''<br>''(considered a [[Imperium (political theory)#Romanitism|Romanitist]] [[w:Monarchism|monarchist]]')''
|'''4 Mar 2015'''
|'''8 Oct 2017'''
|[[File:HRH The Grand Duke Joseph.jpg|100px]]
|'''[[Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy|HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of BohemiaNew Virginia]]'''|'''[[w:Libertarianism|LibertarianImperial Party]]'''
|'''8 Oct 2017'''
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