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== Characters ''Captain Scarlet'' references =={{Main|List of Cool Barbie characters}}
Since [[Cool Barbie 2]] (2006), numerous references to and characters from 1960s TV series ''[[w:Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons|Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons]]'' have been incorporated into ''Cool Barbie''.
In Cool Barbie 2 (2006) and its remake CB.II (2009), and in [[Cool Barbie 3]] (2008) and its remake CB.III (2009), Captain Scarlet himself and Sergeant Grey respectively arrive to help combat Bubbles, with both named as agents of Spectrum, a futuristic security organisation in ''Captain Scarlet'' which in ''Cool Barbie'' functions as a sort of international toy police.
Spectrum continues to be referenced in nearly every other episode in the series:
*In CB.IV (2009), Lieutenant Green (an appropriation of a character from ''Captain Scarlet'' itself) arrives in a helicopter in an attempt to put down Colin's military takeover of the Land.
*In CB.V (2010), Cool Barbie herself joins Spectrum (becoming known as Corporal Barbie), which then leads a mission to the Moon at the behest of NATO. Her jeep is seen to be emblazoned with the Spectrum logo which is also used in ''Captain Scarlet'' (seen again in CB.VIII).
*In CB.VI (2011), Agent Holly of Spectrum rescues Corporal Barbie and confronts Colin when the latter attempts to kill Corporal Barbie.
*In CB.VII (2012), Moonita enlists Corporal Barbie to oversee the unveiling of the Queen's superweapon, stating that "there won't be any violence with a Spectrum agent in attendance."
*In CB.VIII (2014), Corporal Barbie is warned of the Uranian invasion of Earth by Spectrum leader General White; in ''Captain Scarlet'', the leader of Spectrum is Colonel White. When Corporal Barbie attacks Bubbles, he calls Spectrum "fools" for thinking that "technology built to kill Martians" (a reference to the Mysterons) would work against Uranians. Later, Wisealise worries that Spectrum may force him to leave his new Land if he does not have the Uranians' protection.
*In the [[Colin (Cool Barbie minisode)|''Colin'' minisode]] (2015), Sergeant Grey leads Spectrum forces in pursuit of Colin and his followers, who are on the run.
*In CB.XI (2016), Sergeant Grey attempts at the start of the episode to get Corporal Barbie to their base in order to run some tests examining the effects of her recent body-swap.
*In CB.XIII (2017), Corporal Barbie and Agent Holly are both enlisted in their capacity as Spectrum agents to track down the assassin.
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