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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Minor characters
*'''Agent Maple''' is a Spectrum agent, recruited alongside Corporal Barbie at the start of CB.V and given the jurisdiction of south-east Carshalton.
*The '''Captain of the First Army''' was a toy soldier who was the leader of the First Army during the events of CB.IV. Loyal to Colin, he led a small group of elite soldiers to assassinate King Ken II and the Chancellor at the outbreak of Colin's uprising, but after personally killing the King, he himself was killed by the Chancellor, with his elite soldiers also being killed by the Chancellor and by Sergeant Grey.
*'''Beany Dolly''' is a student at the toy school in CB.IX, who correctly answers a question on the history of the Land before Moonita arrives to inspect the school. The same toy was also a member of the Doll Senate in the original [[Cool Barbie 2]], but had no lines or credited appearance.
*'''Captain Scarlet''' (an appropriation of the eponymous hero of ''[[w:Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons|Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons]]'') is one of the main protagonists of CB. II. The Spectrum Agent for Greater London, he arrives in the Land to warn the toys of Bubble's return, and helps them to confront him. Mortally injured by Bubbles, he uses his "retro-metabolistic energy" to transform into a large spider, which knocks out Bubbles before dying. He is the first member of Spectrum introduced in the series.
*'''General White''' is the leader of Spectrum. Voiced by [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Emperor Father Terry]], he informs all Spectrum agents of the Uranian invasion of Earth at the start of CB.VIII.
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