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2nd Austrovian Reichstag Election

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The '''February Reichstag Election 2018''' or the '''2nd Reichstag Election''' is the second legislative election in the [[Austrovia|Austrovian Empire]]. It will be held on February 16th16, 2017 exactly two months after the [[1st Austrovian Reichstag Election|1st Reichstag Election]]. Unlike the previous election, in which only a few parties were allowed to run, all parties registered by the Austrovian Election Committee are allowed to run.
The election was declared by the [[Andy Irons|Emperor]] right after the results for the first election were announced. The Emperor allowed candidates to declare candidacy after New Year's Day. Last election saw the rise of the Traditionalist, Freedom, and Communist and Socialist parties, and the decrease of support for the National Populist and Democratic parties.
On January 20th20, 5 more seats were added to the Reichstag, which means that there will be 10 new additions to the Reichstag.
The results were released on February 16th16, 2018 by the Electoral Committee.
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