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Abeldane National Union

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The National Federalist Party of Abelden has its core belief as Abeldane Nationalism. It has a resolve for democracy as was shown in their outward calls for a GUM referendum since conception. The party believes in a new self-proclaimed ideology of a "Greater Abelden" and have committed to a "Greater Abelden Policy(GAP)" within government. As part of this they believe in Abelden engaging in the community as well as asserting itself within the community. The party is strongly behind the rule of the current Emperor and its position. The party is strongly behind the democratisation and re-engagement of the states and is the only party in Abelden with a clear party line on the issue.
Party Logo:
The Party logo of the axes represents several things. The party is made up of two wings. The First and the Second. With the Deputy Leader and Party Chairman in charge of each respectively. The axes also signify the strength of the NFP in being a party of Action. It more over represents Freedom over violence. It also signifies the NFP fervour for defending both the States and the Monarchy. Both working hand in hand, hence the axes are crossed and not seperated.
The NFP believes that Abeldane should look towards the possibility of implementing an economic system. In it's 2017 Decemeber December Manifesto it proposed to created an Economic Policy Committee to seek the possibility for this to be realised within the nation.
In broader terms the party believes in neither left or right economics and simply believes in "Nationalist economics" as being an ardent adherent to either Keynesian or Monetarism will always hurt the people.

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