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Bailey von Hindenburg

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{{Infobox official 2
| name = <big>Bailey von Hindenburg</big>| image = Bailey_von_HindenburgPortrait of Bailey von Hindenburg.png| office 1 = [[The Office of The Chancellor of Lilylandia|4th Chancellor von Lilylandia]]<small>(acting)</small>| hos 1 = MonarchState President| hos name 1 = [[Lily I of Lilylandia|Lily IMaximilian von Schroeder]]
| assumed/in 1 = Assumed
| date 1 = 13 October 2nd, 20172020| predecessor 1 = [[Edward von Elephänburger|Sir Edward von Elephänburger]] <small>(''ActingOffice established'')</small>|-| office 3 2 = [[Club 88Parliament of Lilylandia|Club 88 Member4th Chancellor of Lilylandia]]| hos 3 2 = OwnerMonarch| hos name 3 2 = [[Max Lily I of Lilylandia|Max Lily I]]| assumed/in 3 2 = JoinedIn| date 3 2 = June 20th, 2 October 2017- 15 April 2018| predecessor 2 = [[Edward von Elephänburger|Sir Edward von Elephänburger]] <small>(''Acting'')</small>| successor 2 = [[Winston P. Koala]] <small>(''Acting'')</small>
| office 4 = Personal Information
| birthname = Edward von Elephänburger
| citizenship = [[Kingdom of Lilylandia|Lilylandian]], Austrian| party = [[Foxist Partei von The Conservative Party (Lilylandia)|Conservative]]| religion = PresbyterianLutheran
'''Bailey von Hindenburg''' is an active [[w:Conservatism|conservative]] politician, writer, and Governor General of The Corales. He was the 4th Chancellor of Lilylandia. He currently serves as is the founder of the [[Royalist Party|Partido Realista]] (Royalist Party) As the chancellor leader of Lilylandia after the elections on September 13thRoyalist Party, 2017Hindenburg has pressed for the foundation of a Plush Monarchy independent of that of [[Monarchy of Doggenburg|Doggenburg's Monarchy]]. He is Members of the Royalist Movement have even called for him to become the Monarch of the first Chancellor that is a bearCorales.==Early Life and Personal Life==Bailey Hindenburg was born into in [[w:Orlando|Orlando]]. He grew up in an Amusement Park for a few weeks before moving North. He became a Austrian family near businessman and began to rise the beginning of WWII and lived under ranks in the Nazi Regimecompany Folkel Inc. ran by Ernst Folkel. He and made his family worked as underground agents during World War II. He worked in Fortune through become the French Resistance and top Legal Official in the Undergroundcompany. He served alongside many comrades that he will remember then left Folkel to this daystart his own legal business called Bailey & Bailey. Today he is married to another bear named HeidyThis business venture eventually went bankrupt. He has 2 Children, one is a member of his cabinetSoon after the bankruptcy, and the other is a political figure Hindenburg endeavored in the Foxist Parteipolitics. ==Post-WWIIPersonal Life ==After WWII, Bailey moved to the USA Hindenburg is currently in search for a job and a new lifeRomantic relationship with [[Madelyn Blackberry]]. He began to read the idealogies of Karl Marx and said, "This is the worst piece of rubbish I have ever heard of!" He decided They are told to instead look at more conservative idealogies and studied National Socialismbe very close. He looked at it and frowned but could not figure out what to fix about National Socialism (Nazism)==Early Political Career==

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