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Cool Barbie

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ATP episodes
| align="left" | '''[[Cool Barbie V - Stepping towards the Sky]]'''
| align="left" | Set in early 2010 (with the introduction being a month earlier). Cool Barbie becomes a member of Spectrum International Police, and is sent with Sergeant Grey to the Moon to investigate a mysterious base. They discover it is Uranian, capturing its occupant and teleporting back to Earth. The Uranian escapes their custody and goes on the rampage, but is soon killed by Sergeant Grey.
| align="left" | 30 November 2010
| align="left" | First episode which had not been planned for the original series.<br>Runtime: '''09:48'''
Bureaucrats, Check users, Interface administrators, logadmin, nocats, superuser, Administrators, techadmin, useradmin

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