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Crown Princess Caroline of Austenasia

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In popular culture
==In popular culture==
Crown Princess Caroline has starred in ''[[Cool Barbie]]'', [[Austenasian Television Productions|ATP's]] flagship sci-fi series, voicing the titular character in all three of the original and all ten of the currently published episodes. She also appeared in-person as Moonita, a leader/protector of the toys' kingdoms, in ''[[Cool Barbie IV- The Uprising]]'' (2009), ''[[Cool Barbie VII- Secession]]'' (2012), and ''[[Cool Barbie VIII- Plan of the Scourge]]'' (2014), as well as Cool Barbie herself (after the character switched bodies with Moonita) in ''[[Cool Barbie IX- Last of the Mysterons]]'' (2015) and ''[[Cool Barbie X- War in the Sky]]'' (2016), and has voiced numerous minor characters.
==Titles, styles, honours and arms==
Bureaucrats, Check users, logadmin, nocats, superuser, Administrators, techadmin, useradmin

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