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Cool Barbie

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ATP episodes
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| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky]]'''
| align="left" | Set in October 2004. Bubbles crash-lands on Earth, and abducts Cool Barbie as a specimen while attempting to repair his ship. He comes under attack by Earth military and releases Cool Barbie, but after repairing his ship he is shot down by NATO while attempting to escape the planet.
| align="left" | 4 March 2009
| align="left" | Premiere. First appearance of Cool Barbie, Bubbles, and the Supreme Allied Commander. Included a brief clip from the original Cool Barbie I for when Bubble's ship came under attack from soldiers (acquired by having the camera record a television screen playing the original episode), the only ATP Cool Barbie episode to date to have included footage from the original series (although CB.IX included audio from all three, and showed a brief clip of the first playing on a television screen).<br>Runtime: '''03:45'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion]]'''
| align="left" | Set in July 2005. Bubbles returns to Earth in an escape pod. Captain Scarlet arrives to warn Cool Barbie and the Doll Senate, which are attacked by Bubbles. A battle breaks out at a roadblock set up to contain Bubbles, in which Captain Scarlet is mortally wounded. He transforms into a giant spider which defeats Bubbles before dying. Bubbles is imprisoned in the Cryogenic Research Prison.
| align="left" | 15 March 2009
| align="left" | First appearance of Colin, the Chancellor, and Spectrum International Police.<br>Runtime: '''04:42'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed]]'''
| align="left" | Set in August 2008. Bubbles escapes from the Cryogenic Research Prison and frees an imprisoned [[w:Dalek|Dalek]], and the two proceed to attack Cool Barbie, Sergeant Grey, and some soldiers. The villains are defeated by [["Edd" Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd|Edd]], the Dalek being killed and Bubbles re-imprisoned.
| align="left" | 15 April 2009
| align="left" | First appearance of Sergeant Grey and King Ken II.<br>Runtime: '''09:29'''
| align="left" | '''[[Cool Barbie IV -rTDsL7z8 The Uprising|Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising: Part 1]]'''
| align="left" | Set in June 2009 (introduction in February 2007). Colin and his fellow conspirators enact a plan to take over the kingdom. The Chancellor summons Sergeant Grey, but they are too late to prevent the regicide of King Ken.
| align="left" | 6 September 2009
| align="left" | First appearance of Xeaphon, Ken the Elder, and the Trolls. The only episode to be split into two halves due to its length.<br>Runtime: '''09:16'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising|Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising: Part 2]]'''
| align="left" | Colin's uprising gets fully underway, with the First Army and Golden Arrows taking control of the house. Sergeant Grey is badly injured by one of Colin's soldiers, but the Chancellor and Cool Barbie call together an Emergency Senate, which appeals to Spectrum for help. Colin sends for a "giant" to help fight off Spectrum, which results in the First Army abandoning Colin - the giant sees off Spectrum's reinforcements, but is no match for Xeaphon himself when he and Moonita arrive to quash the uprising. Colin and the Golden Arrows are exiled into the Garden.
| align="left" | 7 September 2009
| align="left" | Immediately continues on from the last episode. First appearance of Moonita.<br>Runtime: '''10:00'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie V - Stepping towards the Sky]]'''
| align="left" | Set in early 2010 (with the introduction being a month earlier). Cool Barbie becomes a member of Spectrum International Police, and is sent with Sergeant Grey to the Moon to investigate a mysterious base. They discover it is Uranian, capturing its occupant and teleporting back to Earth. The Uranian escapes their custody and goes on the rampage, but is soon killed by Sergeant Grey.
| align="left" | 30 November 2010
| align="left" | First episode which had not been planned for the original series.<br>Runtime: '''09:49'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor]]'''
| align="left" | Set in the summer of 2011. Corporal Barbie discovers that the recent death of Queen Lucy was an assassination orchestrated by Colin from his exile. Investigating, she realises it was a trap to draw her out into the Garden where she can be killed. Colin explains that he is planning another attempt to seize power, and that he doesn't want her in the way; Corporal Barbie escapes, however, and Colin and his supporters teleport away when confronted by a Spectrum rescue mission.
| align="left" | 14 July 2011
| align="left" | Runtime: '''06:53'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie VII - Secession]]'''
| align="left" | Corporal Barbie is asked by Moonita to supervise the unveiling of a new "superweapon", built by the toys' government to defend the land against the upcoming attack by Colin which he threatened the previous episode. However, a group of toys are opposed to the building of new weapons as they do not believe that Colin will attack; when it is discovered that the superweapon is the reverse-engineered shell of the Dalek, there is a riot which results in the protesters founding a new land in the garden, [[Crepundia]]. Meanwhile, some of Colin's followers and a mysterious figure celebrate the summoning of "the fleet"...
| align="left" | 9 June 2012
| align="left" | Produced almost entirely as a means of giving a fictional backstory to the Austenasian-Juclandian joint cultural project of [[Crepundia]].<br>Runtime: '''07:34'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie VIII - Plan of the Scourge]]'''
| align="left" | Uranus invades Earth to give Colin a chance to free Bubbles for them, which he does so with the help of Wisealise, an old enemy of Xeaphon. Wisealise and Colin take over the Land, freeing Bubbles, who leaves Earth along with the Uranians. Wisealise attempts to free the Titans and drain their power to become invincible, but is stopped by Corporal Barbie and Moonita - the resultant magical explosion makes the latter two switch bodies and kills Wisealise, but not before he reveals he is of a species called the Scourge, whom he threatens will avenge him. Colin and his followers teleport away after Wisealise's defeat.
| align="left" | 1 September 2014
| align="left" | '''Cool Barbie Minisodes'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Moonita (Cool Barbie minisode)|Moonita]]''' - Now in the body of Corporal Barbie, Moonita is crowned Queen of the toys to replace Emily II, who was killed by the Troll Leader during Wisealise's takeover of the Land. However, Xeaphon promises that he will find a way to restore her to her human body.<br>'''[ [Xeaphon (Cool Barbie minisode)|Xeaphon]]''' - Now an officer in NETDOF (an independent organisation set up to defend the world against alien attack), Xeaphon discovers that Wisealise's staff was not the Staff of Forest Elves as he claimed. The Forest Elves give Xeaphon the genuine staff to help him guard the prisons of the Titans.<br>'''[ [Colin (Cool Barbie minisode)|Colin]]''' - On the run, Colin and his followers teleport to a far away planet, narrowly avoiding Spectrum agents on their trail, but once there come under attack.
| align="left" | 1 January 2015;<br>25 April 2015;<br>1 September 2015
| align="left" | Three mini-episodes published over 2015 to mark the tenth anniversary of the franchise, showing Moonita, Xeaphon, and Colin in the aftermath of the events of CB.VIII.
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie IX - Last of the Mysterons]]'''
| align="left" | Xeaphon intercepts a Mysteron fleeing the Uranian conquest of Mars, and takes it to NETDOF HQ. Meanwhile, one of Colin's Golden Arrows teleports to the Land and takes Moonita hostage, claiming he has a message for Xeaphon. They go to NETDOF, and the Mysteron and Golden Arrow kill each other, but with his dying words the latter warns that the Scourge are coming. Suddenly, an alarm goes off...
| align="left" | 11 December 2015
| align="left" | Released on the tenth anniversary of the first of the original episodes: contained audio from all three original episodes, as well as footage from the first briefly shown on a television screen; furthermore, the only voice actors in the film were the same as in three creators of the original CB.Iepisodes. A tribute to ten years of Cool Barbie was included after the credits, featuring clips from every other episode (including the originals) to date. The first episode in a four-part story arc.<br>Runtime: '''08:55'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky]]'''
| align="left" | Continues on immediately from the end of CB.IX. Bubbles arrives at NETDOF, warning them that the Scourge are about to invade the Solar System and asking for help from Earth to defend Uranus. Corporal Barbie goes to the Elven Emperor for help, and he destroys the Scourge armada with magic.
| align="left" | 1 February 2016
| align="left" | The only full episode to date in which the Cool Barbie doll was not featured, as well as the full episode with the least number of actors (two) and characters (five) to date. The second episode in a four-part story arc.<br>Runtime: '''06:09'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie XI - Infiltration]]'''
| align="left" | After Corporal Barbie and Moonita return to their respective bodies, the Land comes under attack from a Scourge as a diversion while Colin modifies the laser cannon. Planning to use it to destroy major cities and take over the world, he teleports away when it is revealed that the Scourge technology will actually destroy the planet. The Elven Emperor informs Corporal Barbie in a vision that he has prevented the explosion, but the others are left mystified as to what saved the world.
| align="left" | 20 December 2016
| align="left" | The third episode in a four-part story arc.<br>Runtime: '''9:59'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie XII - A Last Chance]]'''
| align="left" | Corporal Barbie has been having dreams sent by the Elven Emperor, telling her that she will have to kill someone to prevent catastrophe. Colin returns to the Land and frees Kronos, one of the Titans, in an attempt to conquer the world. Though reeling from the news that Moonita has passed away, Xeaphon re-imprisons Kronos using the Thunder Stone, before having Colin and his followers imprisoned in the Cryogenic Research Prison despite Corporal Barbie's argument that he should be executed.
| align="left" | 10 August 2017
| align="left" | The last episode of a four-part story arc. First appearance of Kronos.<br>Runtime: '''10:53'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie XIII - The Assassin]]'''
| align="left" | Xeaphon informs King Yellow Bear that a creature has broken into the Land, killing some border guards. The Doll Senate and the leaders of the military are murdered, forcing Yellow Bear into hiding and hampering efforts to mobilise soldiers to find the creature. As the King reaches shelter, he escapes attack by the assassin, which reveals itself to be a toy spider working for the Eagle, the latter of which is poised to attack the Land with an army of toy animals.
| align="left" | 30 August 2017
| align="left" | The first episode in a three-part finale.<br>Runtime: '''6:31'''
| align="left" | '''[ [Cool Barbie XIV - Invasion of the Eagle]]'''
| align="left" | The Eagle invades the Land with his army of toy animals, and after trapping Xeaphon and Corporal Barbie frees Colin, intending to drain the power of the latter. However, Colin drains the Eagle's power instead, and goes on to free, defeat, and then possess Kronos, giving himself the new name of "Dominus" and announcing that he will conquer the planet.
| align="left" | 9 September 2017
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