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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Minor characters
*The '''Golden Arrow (headband)''' is an Action Man who is a member of the Golden Arrows and a close follower of Colin; his real name is not known. He took part in the Uprising and was exiled into the Garden in CB.IV, and helped with Colin's ultimately unsuccessful plot to kill Corporal Barbie before teleporting away with Colin and Troll 2 in CB.VI. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII and the third of the 2015 minisodes. Captured along with Colin and Troll 2 while on the Scourge home planet, he accompanies them both during the events of CB.XI and CB.XII, being imprisoned with them in the Cryogenic Research Prison at the end of the latter and later freed along with them in CB.XIV.
*The '''Golden Arrow (leather jacket)''' features prominently in CB.IX. One of the Action Man followers of Colin, he accompanies him to the Scourge home-world in the third of the 2015 minisodes, and eventually escapes to Earth to warn Xeaphon that the Scourge are planning an invasion. He is killed by the Mysteron after refusing to de-activate his gun, onto which he had fused Scourge technology.
*The '''Hill Prince''' was "a great magic warrior whose armies took over most of London in the nineties", defeated by Ken the Elder and eventually buried in the Land's garden. His corpse's remaining power is drained by Colin in CB.XIV as the latter accumulates magical strength.
*The '''King of Crepundia''' is a doll featured in CB.VII. He protests against the government raising taxes to pay for new weapons to defend the Land against Colin, as he believes that no such attack is imminent and that said weapons will be used merely to oppress the populace. He leads a riot when the "superweapon" is unveiled and revealed to be the Dalek, which results in his followers leaving the Land and founding their own, [[Crepundia]], of which he is crowned King by Xeaphon.
*'''Lieutenant Green''' is the Spectrum Agent for South London. Voiced by [[Lord Timothy]], he is featured (although not seen) in CB.IV, flying an attack helicopter which unsucessfully attempts to subdue Colin's uprising.
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