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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Troll Leader
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising'' (2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XIV - The Invasion of the Eagle'' (2017)
The Troll Leader is the leader and the largest of three troll followers of Colin that he introduce into the Doll Senate at the start of CB.IV to help him seize power. He wears wizard's robes and carries a wand, and like the other trolls can use magic; in CB.VIII, his hair is revealed to be a wig (after being shot off by a soldier), and he appears without it in the Colin minisodehis subsequent appearances.
In CB.IV, Colin blackmails the Doll Senate into making the Troll Leader the new Minister of Defence. In his new position, the Troll Leader orders the Third Army on a pointless mission in the Garden to make it safe for Colin to begin his uprising, after which he orders the First Army and Golden Arrows to secure the house. When Colin's coup is defeated, the Troll Leader is exiled along with Colin's other supporters into the Garden. He is seen at the start of CB.VI in the Garden using his magical powers to defend Colin against other exiles whom he had previously banished when in power. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII, unsuccessfully attempting to order his former troops to free Bubbles (instead done by Wisealise), and is shown in the first of the 2015 minisodes to have then successfully killed Emily II, teleporting away when confronted by the Chancellor. In the Colin minisode, the Troll Leader briefly meets up with Colin and his other followers while they are on the run, and is given a mission to perform as part of a "back-up plan". He next appears in CB.XIV, where it is revealed that he had been sent to find the Eagle's army, and later sent a vision from Colin from inside the Cryogenic Research Prison instructing him to come and free him.
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