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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Minister of Defence (Hippo)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XII - A Last Chance'' (2017)
The Minister of Defence who succeeded the Troll Leader, Hippo (as he is originally credited) first appears in CB.IX, instructed by Xeaphon to man the Land's laser cannon when an incoming extraterrestrial object is detected. He is next seen at the end of CB.XI, inspecting the laser cannon and expressing bemusement at why it failed to explode, being unaware of the Elven Emperor's intervention. His most recent appearance was in CB.XII, the first time he is explicitly credited as the Minister of Defence, attending a Senate meeting where he enquires as to Xeaphon's whereabouts.
The same hippo toy also appeared in the original CB.II, as a member of toy government holding the office "Head of Food". After the rest of the government is killed by Bubbles, Hippo organises an army to fight him, only explaining his ability to do so with the statement "tinned sardines are the secret -" before the scene cuts. He appears later on in the episode in the midst of the final battle, exclaiming "Stop! I know a way to stop this war!" before being shot dead by Bubbles.
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