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List of Cool Barbie characters

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King Ken II first appears in CB.III, giving his permission to the Chancellor to mobilise First Army troops to stop Bubbles - he is shown to be at least partially aware, but tragically dismissive, of Colin's ambitions. In CB.IV, he is killed by the Captain of the First Army on Colin's orders, after lamenting that his constitutional monarchy will be replaced by Colin with a militaristic absolute monarchy. A picture of King Ken II in royal robes is seen in a classroom in CB.IX.
===Minister of Defence (Hippo)===
[[File:Hippo.jpg|thumb|right|90px|The Minister of Defence in CB.XII]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie IX - Last of the Mysterons'' (2015)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie XII - A Last Chance'' (2017)
The Minister of Defence who succeeded the Troll Leader, Hippo (as he is originally credited) first appears in CB.IX, instructed by Xeaphon to man the Land's laser cannon when an incoming extraterrestrial object is detected. He is next seen at the end of CB.XI, inspecting the laser cannon and expressing bemusement at why it failed to explode, being unaware of the Elven Emperor's intervention. His most recent appearance was in CB.XII, the first time he is explicitly credited as the Minister of Defence, attending a Senate meeting where he enquires as to Xeaphon's whereabouts.
*'''Lieutenant Green''' is the Spectrum Agent for South London. Voiced by [[Lord Timothy]], he is featured (although not seen) in CB.IV, flying an attack helicopter which unsucessfully attempts to subdue Colin's uprising.
*'''Major Brown''' is the Spectrum Agent for England. He appears in CB.V manning a Spectrum base temporarily in the Land, from which he gives Corporal Barbie and Sergeant Grey their mission to the Moon.
*The original '''Minister of Defence''' (not to be confused with the Troll Leaderor Hippo, both later given the job by Colinand King Yellow Bear respectively) was a teddy bear who appeared in CB.II and CB.III as the overall leader of the Land's military, helping to organise the Land's response to Bubbles' attacks. He has been killed in a car crash by CB.IV, in which Colin admits to his followers that it was a deliberate assassination on his behalf.
*'''Queen Emily I''' was the monarch of the toys before February 2007, when she was abducted by a Giant on her son Colin's orders (CB.IV) so that he could gain power. It is not specified whether she ruled alongside King Ken II, or whether he was merely her consort, but upon her abduction he became sole monarch.
*'''Queen Lucy''' is not seen onscreen, but is mentioned in CB.IV, VI, and VIII. The successor of her step-father King Ken II as monarch of the toys after Colin's uprising in CB.IV, her assassination at the start of CB.VI by Troll 2 forms the main plotline for that episode. She is described as the "estranged" sister of Colin, presumably having been banished or imprisoned by him before she became Queen to remove any threat to his claims to power. She is succeeded as monarch by her step-sister Emily II.
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