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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Corporal (Cool) Barbie
Cool Barbie (known as Corporal Barbie from CB.V onwards) is the eponymous main character of the series.
The first three episodes deal with her interactions with Bubbles. After helping to thwart Colin's uprising in CB.IV, she joins Spectrum in CB.V and is thereafter known as Corporal Barbie. At the end of CB.VIII, Corporal Barbie switches bodies with Moonita after the two of them interfere with a powerful magical weapon to successfully thwart Wisealise's plans, and held a position with Xeaphon at NETDOF. During her time at NETDOF, Corporal Barbie is teleported to the Elven Emperor during CB.X to ask his help in defending the planet from the Scourge. Between CB.X and CB.XI, Corporal Barbie and Moonita are switched back, with the Corporal returning to her role as a NETDOF Spectrum agent. She retains some sort of psychic connection with the Elven Emperor, receiving a telepathic message from him during CB.XI after he prevents the annihilation of the planet by a sabotaged laser cannon.
Despite being the main character, remarkably little has been revealed of Corporal Barbie's background.
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