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Ministry of Defence (Abelden)

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|minister1_name = [[Shady MorsiNewton von Uberquie]]
|minister1_pfo = Defence Minister
|minister2_name =
The Minister of Defense is responsible for protecting Abelden's borders and all matters regarding national defense, the Imperial Army, Navy and Air Force. The minister also works alongside the [[Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Abelden)|Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs]] as both ministries deal with Abelden's home affairs and foreign affairs at the same time.
The current Minister of Defense is [[Shady MorsiNewton von Uberquie]], taking office since 5 April 7 July 2017.
|insigniasize = 225px
|insigniacaption = Current logo of the ministry
|image = Grand Constable MorsiSyd Barrett Newton.jpgjpeg|incumbent = [[Shady MorsiNewton von Uberquie|Newton von Uberquie, Marquis of Middleham]]|incumbentsince = 5 April 7 July 2017
|style = The Right Honourable
|residence =
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[File:Grand Constable Morsi.jpg|85px|border]]
|rowspan="1" align="center"|5 April 2017
|rowspan="1" align="center"|6 June 2017
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[Democratic Voice]]
|rowspan="4" style="background-color:#094202" |
|rowspan="4" align="center"|[[Patrick Renwick|The Marquis of Bessatre]]
!rowspan="1" style="background-color:#1E90FF" |
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[Emiel Hardy|The Earl of Jiansk]]
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[File:EmiloPhoto.jpg|85px|border]]
|rowspan="1" align="center"|6 June 2017
|rowspan="1" align="center"|28 June 2017
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[Abeldane Party]]
! style="background-color:#00000" |
|align="center"|''Position vacant''
|align="center"|28 June 2017
|align="center"|7 July 2017
!rowspan="1" style="background-color:#8A9A5B" |
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[Newton von Uberquie|The Marquis of Middleham]]
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[File:Syd Barrett Newton.jpeg|85px|border]]
|rowspan="1" align="center"|7 July 2017
|rowspan="1" align="center"|Present
|rowspan="1" align="center"|[[Democratic Voice]]| style="background-color:#094202" ||align="center"Social Ecology Party of Abelden|[[Patrick Renwick|The Marquis of BessatreSEPA]]

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