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Liberal Party of Abelden

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|logo = [[File:LPoA_Full.png]]
|colorcode = #094202
| leader1_title = [[w:Party leader|Leader(at time of dissolution)]]
| leader1_name = [[Mike Lewis, Marquis of New Charter|Mike Lewis]]
|slogan =
|seats1 = {{ParlSeats|0|11|hex=#094202}}
|seats2_title = [[Reichsversammlung|Seats in the Reichsversammlung]]
|seats2 = (at time of dissolution) {{ParlSeats|11|37|hex=#094202}}
|flag =
|footnotes =
The '''Liberal Party of Abelden''' was founded on the 26th June 2016 a political party in the [[Abeldane Empire]], founded on the 26th June 2016. Its current leader is The party was lead [[Mike Lewis, Marquis of New Charter|Mike Lewis]] who served as [[Vorsitzender]] briefly in [[Lewis Cabinet (Abelden)|July 2016]]. Despite being one of the newest parties in the Abeldane Empire, the Liberal Party managed to gain the second highest amount of seats in the [[Abeldane general elections, July 2016|July 2016 Elections]] making it . The party merged with a number of other left-wing Abeldane parties on the current opposition party in 29th August 2016, to form the [[ReichsversammlungDemocratic-Liberty Party of Abelden|Democratic-Liberty Party]].

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