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Damian Billbrough

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Damian Billbrough was also the interim [[Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Catan]]. He served whilst the new cabinet was formated. He currently serves as Member of Parliament for Jameston West and Beatrrix within Catan.
On April 6, 2017, Billbrough and his associate Leuven Nieuwemann was indicted by [[Mikael Bokmann]] of the [[Abeldane Empire]], on charges of treason. He had previously revolted after the turnout of [[Abeldane general election, April 2017|April 2017 Abeldane election]], in which he, then a candidate for the Edge Party, came in second place to [[Patrick Renwick]] of the [[Democratic-Liberal Party]].
{{DEFAULTSORT:Billbrough, Damian}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Billbrough, Damian}}

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