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Campinian Passport

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Physical Appearance
}}'''Campinian Passports''' are issued to citizens of the [[Duchy of Campinia]] for the purpose of international travel. As Campinia only distinguish one category of citizen The passport also serves as a means of identification as required by the Campinian law since 1 January 2005 for all persons over the age of sixteen. Campinian passports are valid for a period of ten years from issuing date.
==Physical Appearance==
[[File:Inside Campinian passport.png|200px|thumb|left| Campinian passport (2017)]] Campinian passports are Campinian Green, with the Deer emblazoned on the front cover. The words "HERTOGDOM CAMPINIA" (''Duchy of Campinia'') are inscribed above the coat of arms as well as "REISPAS" (''passport''), The regular passport contains 10 pages, which may be used for visas.
===Identity Information Page===

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