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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Queen Emily II
===Queen Emily II===
[[File:EmilyII.jpg|thumb|right|90px|Emily II in CB.VII]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie VII IV - SecessionThe Uprising'' (20122009)
*Last appearance: ''Moonita'' minisode (2015)
Queen Emily II is a Barbie who succeeds Lucy as the monarch of the toys. She first appears in CB.IV as a Barbie Countess in the Senate, where she advises her fellow Barbies to vote for Colin's motion after he threatens them. Her first appearance as monarch is in CB.VII, where she unveils the superweapon as the Dalek, and escapes from the resultant riot. She calls Colin her step-brother and not her half-brother, revealing that she was a daughter of Ken II from before he married Emily I and that Ken II was not Colin's father. Her death is shown in the introduction to the Moonita minisode; she is killed by the Troll Leader during Wisealise's attack on the Land after she refuses to surrender to Colin.
===Sergeant Grey===
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