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List of Cool Barbie characters

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*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie VIII - Plan of the Scourge'' (2014)
The Astronauts accompany Corporal Barbie and Sergeant Grey to the Moon during the events of CB.V, and stay with the rocket while the others explore the Uranian Moonbase, not teleporting back down to Earth with the others. They are next seen in CB.VIII, alerting Earth of the approaching Uranian Fleet from the now Earth-controlled Moonbase and evacuating as the Fleet attacks.
===Barbie Countess/Doctor===
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising'' (2009)
*Last appearance: ''Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor'' (2011)
This Barbie first appears as a member of the Senate in CB.IV, where she mutters disbelief at a claim by Colin that his government does not practice discrimination, but later finds herself blackmailed into supporting his motion to appoint the Troll Leader as the new Minister of Defence. In this appearance, she is credited as a Barbie Countess; in her second appearance, appearing in CB.VI as the Doctor who attempted to treat the late Queen Lucy, no mention of nobility is made, although her clothes and accent are identical and she is intended to be the same character.
===Captain of the Golden Arrows===
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