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{{Year in various calendars|2012}}
The year '''2012''' came after [[2011]] and was followed by [[2013]].
==Events by month==
**The day ends in [[Sirocco]] at 10:45pm NZDT after the nation puts its clocks back 24 hours to see out the last 75 minutes of 2011 in the GMT/UTC-13 timezone. The day is then completely "skipped" at midnight when Sirocco returns to GMT/UTC+13, meaning it has jumped from 31 December 2011 to 2 January 2012.
**The [[Grand Barony of Voltar]] becomes became the [[Kingdom of New Anglia]].**[[Raflesinesia]] declares declared independence.*'''7th''' - [[State of Bascal|Bascal]] becomes 3 years old.
*'''8th''' - [[Atlantis-Woking Cooperation Council]] is officially founded.
*'''10th''' - [[Starhigh]] leaves [[left OMSA]].*'''11th''' - [[Überstadt]] elects elected its first [[Parliament of Überstadt|parliament]].*'''14th''' - The 14th birthday of [[Rayhan Haikal]] takes place, alongside the first election in [[Raflesinesia]].
*'''27th''' - A group of Domanglian citizens led by John Gordon commence a coup against the government, declaring the Theodorist Kingdom of Domanglia. The King, Ciprian, removes Darkovar Neconstantianeski from power and whole-heartedly supports the new Theodorist government, termed the 27th January Movement.
*'''1st''' - [[Billy Neil]] celebrates his 10th year as a micronationalist.*'''2nd''' - The [[Independent Republic of Brogenia]] celebrates its first anniversary.
**The [ constitution] of the [[Republic of Pannonia]] is passed to the public.
**The [[Democratic Environmental Society of Senya]] are announced as hosts of the [[2013 MFA World Cup]].
*'''7th''' - Founding Day of [[Pérsico]].
*'''15th''' - [[Dicky L. K.]] resigned from his position as [[President of Indokistan]] after writing a resignation letter. [[Nabil Ihsan]] later replaces him.
*'''19th''' - [[Sirocco|Sirocco's]] Board of Ministers is dissolved and replaced by a new Executive.
*'''21st''' - In [[Republic of Ultamiya|Ultamiya]], the [ 2012 Air Force Act] is signed.
*'''28th''' - [[Zealandia]] celebrates its second anniversary.
*'''1st''' - The Thrid Amendment of the [[Kingdom of New Anglia]] is passed, turning it into an [[Monarchy|enlighterened monarchy]].
*'''2nd''' - [[Erephisia]] celebrates its 2nd year of existance under its current incarnation. Also, the The first Erephisian presidential elections begins on this datebegin.*'''6th'''**- [[Zona]] votes to become part of the [[Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco]].**[[Überstadt]] commemorates its second anniversary.*'''10th''' - The [[Provisional Government of Harleck]] holds referendums and chooses to become a monarchy.
*'''16th''' - Little Britain officially transitions into [[Raflesinesia]].
*'''20th''' - The Provisional Government of Harleck transitions into the [[Kingdom of Harleck]].
*'''23rd''' - The [[Vanguard for Freedom]] party of Nemkhavia is refounded by Ben McKinlay after months in dormancy.
**The Hamlinian Republic celebrates its first anniversary, with [[Casey Hamlin]] getting is inaugurated for his second term as president.
**An invasion threat directed towards [[Sirocco]]'s [[National Capital District]] is quashed by the [[Siroccan Defence Forces]].
*'''30th''' - **The [[Lurk Federation]] declares independence.**The [[Kingdom of William Ranger]], the successor of the [[Federal Republic of Santos]] was established.
*'''1st''' - MicroWiki becomes BoratWiki as part of [[MicroWiki:April Fools'|April Fools' Day]].
*'''3rd''' - The first Independence Day is celebrated in [[Burkland]].
*'''4th''' - In [[Republic of Ultamiya|Ultamiya]], the [ 2012 Army Ranks and Management Act] is signed.
*'''9th''' - [[Eucleides (United Federation of Thag)|Eucleides]] elects [[Gabi Mahuet]] as its [[Citizen-Elect (United Federation of Thag)|Citizen-Elect]] to the [[Citizen Thection (United Federation of Thag)|Citizen Thection]] of the [[United Federation of Thag]].*'''10th''' - Freedomia celebrates its third anniversary.
*'''13th''' - The [[Sirocco Times]] and the [[Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation]] join the [[Micronational Press Council]].
*'''14th''' - [[Kozuc]] and [[Egtavia]] join the [[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]] as [[St.Charlian Federation|Federations]].*'''15th''' - [[Starhigh]] celebrates Starhigh Day.
*'''16th''' - [[Sirocco]]'s [[A5 (Sirocco)|A5 road]] is renamed after it is discovered it has borne the wrong name for some time.
*'''20th''' - [[Sirocco]] claims its fifth Dependency, [[Blacksands Dependency|Blacksands]].
*'''22nd25th''' - The [[Kingdom of Theodia]] celebrates its second birthday.*'''25th'''**The [[Easter War]] ends in [[Crawford Empire]] Victory. **The first anniversary of the founding of [[Koss]] is celebrated.
*'''1st'''**The [[Kingdom of New Anglia]] celebrates its one year anniversary. King William celerates his first offical year as a micronationalist.**The [[Prsänëa People's Republic]] celebrates its third year as a micronational entity.*'''5th''' - The Siroccan Government launches the [[Commonwealth Assistance Programme]], the country's first welfare scheme.
*'''7th''' -The [[People's State of San Andreas]] is founded.
*'''10th'''- The [[New Kingdom of Lundy]] establishes the [[Dutch Territories of the Lundian Counties]], a territory in the Netherlands.
*'''11th''' - The [[Second Parliament of Überstadt]] is elected.
*'''11th''' - Principality of Imvassia celebrates 1 year as a micronation.
*'''16th''' - The Siroccan Government unveils its new 2012 series [[Simoleon|Simoleon banknotes]].
*'''19th''' - [[Mouzilo]] is founded as a Kingdom.
*'''21st''' - [[Bobodolands Barakstan]] joins Indokistan, then split into 4 provinces of Indokistan.
*'''22nd''' - The [[Dale RepublicPrincipality of Sabovia]] celebrates one year of Woking-based is founded.
*'''29th''' - The first constitution of the People's State of San Andreas is ratified.
*'''30th''' - The [[Michrenia|District of Michrenia]] is founded as the [[Republic of Ultamiya]]'s fourth district.
*'''1st''' - [[Federal Mandate of Havnesgade-Amager|Amager]] celebrates one year of existence. This day also marks a year since President Albertschine, [[OBS]] and Amager's Parliament took office.
*'''2nd''' - The Eccentrapatamian Empire is founded.
**The [[Siroccan Libertarian Party]] is formed.
**The [[Lewisham Democratic RepublicOrganisation of United Micronations (2012)|Organisation of United Micronations]] celebrates Revolution Day, a carry over from the [[USLSSR]]*'''10th''' - [[King William the Founder]] celebrates a year as a micronational monarchis created.
*'''16th''' - The Joint Micronational Military Exercise gets underway, hosted by the [[Federal Republic of Firdanor]].
*'''19th''' - The [[LIR Union]] is established.
*'''4th''' - The Second Constitution of the People's State of San Andreas is ratified.
**First Revolution Day in [[Burkland]].
**[[Kuhugstan]] celebrates its first anniversary.
*'''13th''' - Elections for the 3rd People's Assembly in the People's State of San Andreas takes place.
*'''14th''' - The [[Kid United Republic]] celebrates its first independence day in Virgina City, Kid United.
*'''14th-15th''' - The [[2012 Polination Conference]] takes place in London.
*'''15th''' - [[Sirocco]] celebrates its tenth anniversary of micronationalism by expanding to form a new [[Maran District (Sirocco)|Maran District]] named after the [[Maran District|former micronation]].
*'''18th''' - The [[Prsänëa People's Republic]] leaves the [[Federated Republics of A1]] and forms the [[Grand Duchy of Prsänëa]].
*'''20th''' - The last pupils at Rushy Meadow Primary School to have had physical contact with the [[Midget Empire]] leave for high school, having been [[Infants]] who encountered a Midget mission sent to the [[w:Key Stage 1|KS1]] playground in July 2006.
*'''21st''' - The 2012 Spokane Summit takes place at Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA, USA.
*'''22nd''' - [[Declan I, II & V]] surpasses [[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Esmond III]] as the longest reigning [[Austenasian Monarchy|Monarch]] of [[Empire of Austenasia|Austenasia]].
*'''1st''' - The [[Winter Revolution (Zealandia)|Winter Revolution]] in [[Zealandia]] occured resulting in the founding of a republic.
*'''1st''' - Emperor [[Kenneth I]] is coronated in the [[Empire of Evita]]
*'''6th''' - The [[Independant Socialist State of Rok|Independent Socialist State of Rok]] becomes the [[Kingdom of Rockland]].
*'''10th''' - The first [[LIR Union|LIRUnion]] summit is held in Kranji, [[Los Bay Petros]].
*'''18th''' - King [[Stephen I & II]] is coronated in the [[Kingdom of Militarmia]]
*'''1st''' - [[King Adam]] of [[Überstadt]] is [[Coronation of King Adam I|coronated]].
*'''14th''' - In [[Republic of Ultamiya|Ultamiya]], the [[c:Republic of Ultamiya 2012 Taneda Conversion Act|2012 Taneda Conversion Act]] is signed.
*'''15th''' - Independence Day is celebrated in Austenasia.*'''16th''' - [[Indokistan]] becomes two years old.*'''19th''' - [[Axel Nielson]], first Minister of [[Foreign relations of Theodia|Foreign Affairs]] of the [[Theodia|Kingdom of Theodia]], [[Talk:Axel Nielson|takes hir own life]].<ref></ref> *'''20th'''**The [[Empire of Austenasia]] becomes four years old.**- The [[Federal Republic of Grunkia]] has its first free elections, and by a major landslide, Edward Jacobs of the Democratic Liberal Party is swept into power.
**The Isle of Ender declares independence.
**Indokistan becomes a [[Federal republic|federal republic]] after [[Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam|Al Rasyid Darussalam]] decides to merge with [[Indokistan]].*'''22nd27th''' - The the Republic of Zekia declares independence from the [[Dale RepublicPrincipality of Riloia]] becomes a year old.
*'''4th''' - [[Livonia]] is founded*'''9th'''-
**[[Paddy Roy Bates]], founder of [[Sealand]] and commonly regarded as a founding father of micronationalism, passes away in Leigh-on-Sea, England aged 91.
**The [[Independent Republic of Brogenia]] holds its first Presidential and National Assembly elections.
*'''12th''' - HIH Dame Bette Austen, DHJ - mother of former [[Austenasian Monarchy|Emperor of Austenasia]], [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|Terry I]] - passes away aged 86.
*'''13th'''**[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia]] celebrates his 18th birthday. A large party attended by numerous imperials, nobles and knights is held at the [[Imperial Residence]].**- The Hamlinian Presidential Elections 2012 take place.*'''15th''' - [[Alexander Reinhardt]] resigns as Secretary of the [[National Party of St.Charlie]] after 1362 days of leadership. He is succeded by [[Pierre d'Egtavie]].*'''19th''' - End of the [[Dutch Territories of the Lundian Counties]] and establishment of the [[Cake Free State]].
*'''20th''' - [[Sabia and Verona]] is created as an overseas territory of the [[Kingdom of Juclandia]] in the Garrshirian sector.
*'''25th''' - [[Ruairí de Créag]] and [[Fionnbarra Ó Cathail]] decide to establish a micronation; the process of starting the [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan]] begins.
*'''3rd''' - [[Ruairí de Créag]] and [[Fionnbarra Ó Cathail]], Co-Consuls of Leylandiistan, declare the independence of the [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan]].
*'''7th'''- [[Kingdom of Giovalen|Giovalen]] celebrates its second anniversary.
*'''10th''' The first of many "cabinet meetings" between the two Co-Consuls is held in Maple Hill, [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan]].
*'''11th'''**The [[Republic of Pannonia]] celebrates its first anniversary.**- The ''[[Austenasian Times]]'' is founded.
*'''25th''' - LeylandiiCell Telecom is set up, becoming the first business enterprise in the [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan]].
*'''13th''' - [[Declan I, II & V]] surpasses [[Midget Master#First Midget Master|Midget Master Daniel (I)]] as the longest reigning male [[Midget Master]].
*'''18th''' - **General-Admiral of Wyvern [[Bowie]] dies age 16.**[[Al Rasyid Darussalam]] left [[Indokistani Third Republic|Indokistan]], ended the [[Royal Council Rebellion]].
*'''19th''' - [[Declan I, II & V]] becomes the first [[Austenasian Monarchy|Monarch of Austenasia]] to celebrate a Cotton Jubilee (2 years on the Throne).
*'''21st''' - [[Überstadt]] holds its first State Opening of [[Parliament of Überstadt|Parliament]].
*'''23rd''' - The [[Commonwealth of Deseret|Holy Kingdom of Deseret]] is founded by [[Cowdery Young]] and [[Sariah Thomson]] (Queen Utahna I).
 *'''13th''' - Patricia O'Hern, Honorary Governor of [[Hamlinistan]], [[Hamlinian Republic]] (b.1936) 
 *'''''Unknown''''' - [[Pav]], [[Senya|Senyan]] n politician (b. 2009)
 *'''19th''' - [[Axel Nielson]], [[Theodia|Theodian]] n politican (b. [[1994]]) 
*'''9th''' - [[Paddy Roy Bates]], Prince of [[Sealand]] and "father of micronationalism" (b. [[w:1921|1921]])
*'''12th''' - HIH Dame Bette Austen, DHJ, former [[Austenasian Monarchy|Emperor Mother]] of [[Empire of Austenasia|Austenasia]] (b. [[w:1926|1926]])
*'''18th''' - [[Bowie]], General-Admiral of [[Wyvern]] (b. [[1996]])
== List of micronations == {{Improve}}
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{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[FRA1]]
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{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail|Beaulosagñe]]
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nation2=[[Lurk Federation]]}}
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{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Turtonian Empire]]
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{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Kingdom of Überstadt|Überstadt]]
nation2=[[Republic of Ultamiya|Ultamiya]]}}
{{Micronations by Year |nation1= Republic of Urielandia
|nation2=Republic of Urielandia}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[West Germania]]
nation2=[[Saxon Empire]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Westland]]
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=[[Kingdom of Wilcsland|Wilcsland]]
nation2=[[United Kingdom of New Wessex|New Wessex]]}}
{{Micronations by Year|nation1=None (previously [[Santos)]]
nation2=[[Kingdom of William Ranger|William Ranger]]}}
{{Micronations by Year end}}
== National leaders ==
*'''{{flagiconstart|A1flag2.png}} [[Federated Republics of A1]]'''
**First Secretary -
**#[[James Wilary]], [[First Secretary of A1]] (2011 - 2012)**#[[Mars McTavish]], [[First Secretary of A1]] (2012) **Prime Minister - **#[[Samuel Corby]], [[Prime Minister of A1]] (2011 - 2012) **#[[Mars McTavish]], [[Prime Minister of A1]] (2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Empire of Austenasia]]'''
**Monarch – [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]], [[Austenasian Monarchy|Emperor of Austenasia]] (2010 - 2013)
**Prime Minister – [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]], [[Prime Minister of Austenasia]] (2008 - 2013)
*'''[[File:UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg|25px]] [[United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail|Beaulosagñe]]'''
**Monarch - Jesvs Christ
**Hand of the king - [[User:Ginoscorpio|HRH Prince Eugenio II]] (1980-present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Bascal flag.jpg}} [[State of Bascal]]'''
**Head of State - [[Mohd Sukeri]], [[State of Bascal|Head of State of Bascal]] (2011 - present2011–present) **Governor - [[Amir Syafiq]], [[State of Bascal|Governor of Bascal]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Brogenian Flag.jpg}} [[Independent Republic of Brogenia]]'''
**President - [[Nim Chesworth]], [[Independent Republic of Brogenia|President of Brogenia]] (2012 - present2012–present)**Vice President - [[Bob Johnson]], [[Independent Republic of Brogenia|Vice President of Brogenia]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Calsahara.png}} [[Kingdom of Calsahara]]''' - [[Montague I of Calsahara|Montague I]], [[Kingdom of Calsahara|King of Calsahara]] (2009 - present2009–present)
**President -
**#[[Danny Clarke]], [[President of the Dale Republic]] (2011 - 2012)
**#[[James Hunt]], [[President of the Dale Republic]] (2012)**#[[Daniel Townend]], [[President of the Dale Republic]] (2012)**#[[James Hunt]], [[President of the Dale Republic]] (2012 - present2012–present)
**Prime Minister - [[Danny Clarke]], [[Prime Minister of the Dale Republic]] (2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Deseret.png}} [[Commonwealth of Deseret|Holy Kingdom of Deseret]]''' **Sovereign – [[Sariah Thomson|Queen Utahna I]], [[Sovereign of the Holy Kingdom of Deseret]] (2012 - 2016) **President – [[Cowdery Young]], [[President of the Holy Kingdom of Deseret]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Dranoria flag.png}} [[Kingdom of Dranoria]]'''
**King – [[Nachington]], [[Kingdom of Dranoria|King of Dranoria]] (2011 - present2011–present) **Chancellor – [[Jeremy Oakes]], [[Kingdom of Dranoria|Chancellor of Dranoria]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Egtaviaflag.png}} [[Federation of Egtavia|Egtavia]]''' (''Transitioned into Federation of Egtavia on 12 April 2012 as part of St.Charlie'')**President - [[Pierre d'Égtavie]], [[Republic of Egtavia|Président du Présidium for Egtavia]] (2011 - 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Tfoeflag.png}} [[Technological Federation of Erephisia]]'''
**President - [[Billy Neil]], [[Technological Federation of Erephisia|Acting President of Erephisia]] (2012 - present2012–present)**Vice President - [[Lucas Campos]], [[Technological Federation of Erephisia|Vice President of Erephisia]] (2012 - present2012–present)**Prime Minister - [[Jack Leach]], [[Technological Federation of Erephisia|Prime Minister of Erephisia]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Eruditian flag.png}} [[Eruditia|Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia]]''' - [[Illuminarch Nicholas I|Nicholas I]], [[Eruditia|Illuminarch of Eruditia]] (2010 - present2010–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vlag.jpg}} [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis]]'''
**Grand Duke - [[Niels of Flandrensis|Niels I]], [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis|Grand Duke of Flandrensis]] (2008 - present2008–present) **Prime Minister - [[Hein of Giddis]], [[Grand Duchy of Flandrensis|Prime Minister of Flandrensis]] (2008 - present2008–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Florenia.jpg}} [[Kingdom of Florenia]]'''
**Monarch – [[Eran I of Florenia|HRM King Eran]], [[Monarchy of Florenia|King of Florenia]] (2011 - present2011–present) **Prime Minister – [[Prince Nathan of Florenia|HRH Prince Nathan]], [[Prime Minister of Florenia]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of the Hamlinian Republic.png}} [[Hamlinian Republic]]''' **President - [[Casey Hamlin]], [[President of the Hamlinian Republic]] (2011 - present2011–present) **Vice President - [[Daniel Stefanko]], [[Vice President of the Hamlinian Republic]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Amager.png}} [[Saint Luke and Amager]]'''
**Steward - [[Declan I, II & V|Declan Mac Donnchadha-Houghton]]
**Prime Minister - [[Luke Albertschine]], [[Federal Republic of Havnesgade-Amager|Prime Minister of the Confederation]] (2011 - present2011–present)
**#[[Dicky L. K.]], [[President of Indokistan]] (2011 - 2012)
**#[[Nabil Ihsan]], [[President of Indokistan|Acting President of Indokistan]] (2012)
**#[[King Abdul Rasyid I|Jendri Mamahit]], [[President of Indokistan]] (2012 - present2012–present)
**National Salvation Council -
**#[[Dicky L. K.]] (2012)
**Monarch - [[Ciprian of Juclandia|Ciprian]], [[Juclandia|King of Juclandia, Cipimania, Novolandia, Tianita and Sabia, Prince of Jucărești, President of Rukora, etc.]] (2010 - present2010–present)
**President -
**#[[Pisica Democrescu]], [[Juclandia|President of the State Council of the Kingdom of Juclandia]] (2011 - 2012)
**#[[Gori Jucărescu]], [[Presidency of Juclandia|President of the Kingdom of Juclandia]] (2012 - present2012–present)
**Prime Minister -
**#[[Bestia Reformescu]], [[Prime Minister of Juclandia]] (2009 - 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Republic of Kuhugstan.png}} [[Republic of Kuhugstan]]'''
**President - [[Rascal of Kuhugstan]], [[Republic of Kuhugstan|President of Kuhugstan]] (2011 - 2012)
**Prime Minister - [[Max Kasbar]], [[Republic of Kuhugstan|Prime Minister of Kuhugstan]] (2011 - 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|source.png}} [[Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan]]'''
** Co-Consuls - [[Fionnbarra Ó Cathail]] and [[Ruairí de Créag]] (November 2012 - [[2013 Leylandiistan General Elections|August 2013]])
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag Of Lbp.gif}} [[Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros]]'''
**President - [[Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman]], [[President of Los Bay Petros]] (2009 - present2009–present)**Vice President - [[Alessandro Syafei Rashid]], [[Vice President of Los Bay Petros]] (2011 - present2011–present)**Prime Minister - [[Adji Rizqi]], [[Prime Minister of Los Bay Petros]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Militarmia.png}} [[Kingdom of Militarmia]]'''
**Monarch - [[Stephen I & II|Stephanus]], [[Militarmian Monarchy|King of Militarmia]] (2012 - present2012–present)
**Prime Minister - [[Ausolius of Militarmia|Kaushik Legata]], [[Prime Minister of Militarmia]] (2012 - 2013)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Molossia_flag.png}} [[Republic of Molossia]]'''
**President - [[Kevin Baugh]], [[Republic of Molossia|President of Molossia]] (1999 - present1999–present) **Deputy - [[Adrianne Marie Baugh]], [[Republic of Molossia|Deputy Head of State and Government of Molossia]] (2009 - present2009–present)
**#[[Samuel Azehtyla]], [[President of the Nemkhav Federation]] (2011 - 2012)
**#[[Marka Mejakhansk]], [[President of the Nemkhav Federation]] (2012)
**#[[Alex WhitmarshUlbricht]], [[President of the Nemkhav Federation]] (2012 - present2012–present)
**Head of Government -
**#[[Marka Mejakhansk]], [[Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation|Vice President of the Nemkhav Federation]] (2011 - 2012)
**#[[Alex WhitmarshUlbricht]], [[Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation]] (2012)**#[[Marka Mejakhansk]], [[Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of New Anglia.png}} [[Kingdom of New Anglia]]'''
**King - [[William Geoffrey Harwar Keating|William]], [[Kingdom of New Anglia|King of New Anglia]] (2011 - present2011–present)**Prime Minister - [[Nathanial Foster]], [[Kingdom of New Anglia|Prime Minister of New Anglia]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flagv3.png}} [[Empire of New Europe]]'''
**Monarch - [[Wilhelm I]], [[New European Monarchy|New European Emperor]] (2009 - present2009–present)
**Head of Government -
**#[[Eric Perez]], [[Imperial Chancellor of New Europe]] (2011 - 2012)
**#[[Caroline Kalayjian]], [[Imperial Chancellor of New Europe]] (2012)**#[[Markus Berg]], [[Imperial Chancellor of New Europe]] (2012 - present2012–present)
<br> *'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of New Wessex.png}} [[United Kingdom of New Wessex]]''' - [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]], [[Wessaxon Monarchy|King of New Wessex]] (2012 - present2012–present)**'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Wilcsland.png}} [[Kingdom of Wilcsland]]''' – [[Declan I, II & V|Ptolemy I Helios]], [[Kingdom of Wilcsland|King of Wilcsland, Taklamacan and Corran]] (2002 - present2002–present) ***'''[[Kingdom of Saqqara]]''' - [[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|Ptolemy IV]], [[Kingdom of Saqqara|King of Saqqara]] (2011 - present2011–present)
**'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Orly.png}} [[Orly]]'''
***King – [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]], [[Orly|King of Orly]] (2012 - present2012–present) ***Viceroy - [[Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]], [[Orly|Viceroy of Orly]] (2010 - present2010–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|PNFLAG.png}} [[Republic of Pannonia]]'''
**President - [[User:Brumi2|Bálint Brunner]], [[Republic of Pannonia|President of the Republic of Pannonia]] (2011 - present2011–present)**Vice-President - [[Ádám Szatmári]], [[Republic of Pannonia|Vice-President of the Republic of Pannonia]] (2011 - present2011–present)**Secretary - [[Emiliano Mancini]], [[Republic of Pannonia|Member of the Prédidynçe de Pannonie, Republic of Pannonia]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Prsanea Flag.png}} [[Grand Duchy of Prsänëa]]''' - [[James Wilary|James Wilary I]], [[Grand Duke of Prsänëa]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Ransharan Flag.PNG}} [[Free State of Ranshara]]''' - [[Max Kasbar]], [[Free State of Ranshara|President of Ranshara]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|FSRenFlag.png}} [[Free State of Renasia]]''' - [[Jacob Tierney]], [[Free State of Renasia#Government and politics|Speaker of Renasia]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Rushymiaflag.jpg}} [[Rushymia|Kingdom of Rushymia]]''' - [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]], [[King of Rushymia]] (2010 2010–present)  *'''{{flagiconstart|Samanacayflag.jpg}} [[Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay]]''' - present[[Prime Minister of Samana Cay|Joseph Wilson]], [[Prime Minister of Samana Cay]] (2008–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Samanacayflag.jpg}} [[Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay]]''' - [[Prime Minister of Samana Cay|Joseph Wilson]], [[Prime Minister of Samana Cay]] (2008 - present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|pssaflag.png}} [[People's State of San Andreas]]'''
**President - [[Migs Caldeo]] (May 7, 2012 - present)
**President of the Assembly - Philip Lacerna (October 12, 2012 - January 11, 2013)
**Supreme Chief of the People's Court -
**#Francis Kalaw (September 28, 2012 - January 24, 2013)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Saxonflag.png}} [[Saxon Empire]]'''
**Emperors - [[King Penda Harald Hardrada|King Penda II]] & [[Duke Sighere]] (2012 - present2012–present)**Advocate - [[Prince Alexis Quinn I|Prince Alexis I]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag_Sch.PNG}} [[Schwanensee|UfKpR Schwanensee]]'''
**President - [[Danny S. Zhang]], [[Schwanensee|President of Schwanensee]] (2011 - present2011–present)**Vice President - [[F. Jakanosa]], [[Schwanensee|Vice President of Schwanensee]] (2011 - present2011–present)**Prime Minister - [[Danny Zhang]], [[Schwanensee|Prime Minister of Schwanensee]] (2011 - present2011–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag of Sealand.svg}} [[Principality of Sealand]]'''
**Prince - [[Paddy Roy Bates|Roy]], [[Principality of Sealand|Prince of Sealand]] (1967 - 2012) **Regent - [[Principality of Sealand|Prince Michael]], [[Principality of Sealand|Prince Regent of Sealand]] (1999 - present1999–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Senyaflag.png}} [[Democratic Environmental Society of Senya]]'''
**Senyavite - [[Pav]], [[Senya|Senyavite of Senya]] (2011 - present2011–present) **President - [[Barnaby Hands]], [[Senya|President of DES Senya]] (2010 - present2010–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Andersonian_Flag.png}} [[Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco]]''' - [[Daniel Anderson]], [[Siroccan Premier|Premier of Sirocco]] (2010 - present2010–present)
**President -
**#[[Lisa Cassidy]], [[President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie|Federal President of St.Charlie]] (2010 - 2012)
**#[[James Lunam]], [[President of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie|Federal President of St.Charlie]] (2012 - present2012–present)
**Prime Minister -
**#[[Nicolò Alvisi]], [[Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie|Prime Minister of St.Charlie]] (2011 - 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flek.png}} [[Theodia|Kingdom of Theodia]]''' - [[Sweyn Bradsson Schroeder]], [[Theodia|First King of Theodia]] (2010 - present2010–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Uberflag.jpg}} [[Kingdom of Überstadt]]'''
**Monarch - [[Adam I]], [[Kingdom of Überstadt|King of Überstadt]] (2011 - present2011–present)
**Prime Minister -
**#Theron of Edmount, [[Kingdom of Überstadt|Prime Minister of Überstadt]] (2012)
**#[[Prince Aaron of Überstadt]], [[Kingdom of Überstadt|Prime Minister of Überstadt]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''[[File:Better flag ultamiya.png|25px|border]] [[Republic of Ultamiya]]'''
**President of the Republic - [[David SalapaI of Varina]] (2010 -2013)
**Vice President of the Republic -
**#Matthew Fossick Matova Fasyika (2011 - 2012)**#Michael Salapa Mikaila (2012 - 2013)**Viceroy of [[Shimate]] - Katherine Salapa Katerina Regina (2010 - present2010–present)
**Viceroy of [[Michrenia]] -
**#Michael Salapa Mikaila (2012)**#Renee Salapa Reiniya (2012 - 2013)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Vikeslandflag.jpg}} [[Kingdom of Vikesland]]''' - [[Christopher I of Vikesland|Christopher I]], [[Kingdom of Vikesland|King of Vikesland]] (2005 - present2005–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|WyvernFlagImproved.png}} [[Kingdom of Wyvern]]'''
**King - [[Quentin I of Wyvern|Quentin I]], [[Kingdom of Wyvern|King of Wyvern]] (2009 - present2009–present) **Prime Minister - [[Bradley of Dullahan]], [[Kingdom of Wyvern|Prime Minister of Wyvern]] (2010 - present2010–present)
**#[[Mark Bobssen]], [[Prime Minister (Zealandia)|Prime Minister of Zealandia]] (2012)
**#[[Håkon of Zealandia|Håkon Lindström]], [[Prime Minister (Zealandia)|Prime Minister of Zealandia]] (2012)
**#[[Joseph Puglisi]], [[Prime Minister (Zealandia)|Prime Minister of Zealandia]] (2012 - present2012–present)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png}} [[Federal Republic of Zealandia]]'''
**President - [[Håkon Lindström]], [[Zealandia|King of Zealandia]] (2012- Present2012–Present)
**#[[Joseph Puglisi]] (2012)
**Prime Minister -
**#[[Joseph Puglisi]], [[Prime Minister (Zealandia)|Prime Minister of Zealandia]] (2012)
**#[[Håkon Lindström]], [[Prime Minister (Zealandia)|Prime Minister of Zealandia]] (2012)
***Federal Council:Joseph Puglisi, Kate Lindstrom, Haakon Lindström, Keith Sörensson, [[Alex WhitmarshUlbricht]] (2012 - present2012–present
*'''{{flagiconstart|Zonian_Flag.png}} [[Zonian Confederacy]]''' ''(Transitioned into Dominion of Zona as part of Sirocco on 21 March 2012)''
**President - [[Nicholas Woode-Smith]], [[Zonian Confederacy|President of Zona]] (2009 - 2012)
*'''{{flagiconstart|Flag_Kingdom_of_Giovalen.png}} [[Kingdom of Giovalen]]'''
**King - [[Giovanni I di Giovalen]], [[Kingdom of Giovalen|King of Giovalen]] (2010 - present2010–present)
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