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List of Cool Barbie characters

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The Newsreader is a Playmobile figure who first appears in CB.I, broadcasting on the landing of Bubbles and his subsequent conflict with the human military. He later features in CB.IV, first broadcasting in hiding as a loyalist to Xeaphon after Colin's troops take over the Land, and then after the coup has been suppressed reporting on the exile of Colin and the honoring of those who contributed to his defeat. He also appears in CB.VII, reporting on the unveiling of the Dalek as a new superweapon for the Land.
The Newsreader functions as a narrative character, able to explain context or off-screen events so as to negate the need for exposition to be given in other ways. The name of his news channel has changed between appearances: it is "Channel 402 News" in CB.I, "Channel 403 News" in the middle of CB.IV, and "Channel 407 News" at the end of said episode.
===Queen Emily II===
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