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{{Infobox nation
|name = Democratic Republic Khanate of The Quetican IslandsQuetico
|image1 = [[File:QUETICO.png|225px|center]]
|image2 =
|largest_city = East Voyageurs
|languages = [[w:English|English]]
|religions = [[w:Christianity|Christianity]]
|demonym = Quetican
|government = [[w:central government|Centralized]] [[w:aristocracy|aristocratic]] [[w:parliament|parliamentary]] [[w:republic|republic]]
'''The Quetican Islands''', officially known as the '''Democratic Republic Khanate of the Quetican IslandsQuetico''', was is a territorial subjugate khanate of [[micronationNedland]] located on the [[w:north america|American]] continent and , with land claims in the U.S. state of [[w:Minnesota|Minnesota]] and the Canadian province of [[w:Ontario|Ontario]]. The Quetican Islands were founded in [[2016]] as a result of an economic project led by former Federated States' President [[Henry Twain]]. The micronation quickly rose to prominence for its economic system. The micronation was originally established with a sole leader, the First Secretary, however since has been expanded to include a Parliament and a head-of-government President.
The Quetican Islands was a well-planned micronation, renown for an economic system designed to sustain micronational businesses. The economy, collectively referred to as [[The Quetican Islands|Quetico Street]], has been covered by various media outlets and has been praised for its adoption of the [[Micronational Dollar]]. While still fairly new to the [[MicroWiki]], the experience of Secretary Twain has given the micronation significant authority in the community.

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