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|image_map = Example.jpg
|map_caption = Example map here
|coordinates_region = EG|subdivision_type = City|leader_title = Leader title|established_date = 1 March 2000October 6th, 2016
|area_total_km2 = 850 Square Meters
|population_total = 58
|timezone = UTC
|elevation_m = 2500 MSNM
'''Ark''' is the capital city of the Republic of Range, it is also the biggest city on Range.</i>.
<i>The city was founded by George, it have been a lot of specifications in the ancient times. It tells that Drug Addicts, which go through the Jameshill Forest, come to attack the city. Even some guerrillas from other migrations. This need to create a special protection to the city. The president created walls for defending the city. This made new defenses and the army could have more defenses for defending the capital city. </i>
==Climate & Geography==
<i>The climate is cold, and its biome is forest. The jameshill forest is a very important area. The Ark Walls also protects the outskirts of Ark, it is normally used for protecting places as the San Jose Mines, and the John Mount./i>
==See also==
<i>[[w:Republic of Range|Republic of Range]]</i>

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