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Vilthian Postal Service

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{{Infobox company
| name = Yuniversan Vilthian Post <br> ''Poste YuniversaneVilthiane''
| logo = [[File:Posteyuniversane.jpg|180px]]
| caption = Logo
| defunct =
| location_city = [[Vignetia]]
| location_country = [[YuniversVilthia]]
| locations =
| area_served = [[Yunivers]], [[Saint Peter]], [[Protectorate of Vega|VegaVilthia]]
| key_people =
| products = Mail services, stamps
| footnotes =
The '''Yuniversan Vilthian Post''', also known as '''Yuniversan Vilthian Postal Service''', is the government-owned monopoly provider of postal services in the Decracy of YuniversVilthia.
The Yuniversan Vilthian Post was founded in 2007, a few months after the foundation of YuniversVilthia, to provide the postal service within the national territory and in the unincorporated protectorates.
The general postcode of Yunivers Vilthia is 33094. Inside the country, the postcodes are:
*Vignetia: 30941
*Teratiliventhia: 30942
The Yuniversan Vilthian Post releases each year 3 types of ordinary stamps plus any extraordinary issues.
<center><gallery widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="4">
File:Ferrovia-2013.PNG|"La ferrovia Yuniversana", the Yuniversan Railway. Standard stamp.

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