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|+style="font-size: 160%; margin-left: inherit;"|'''Colony of<br />Xtabay'''
|[[w:Netherlands|The Netherlands]]
|[[english language |English]] and [[w:dutch language |Dutch ]]
|De Jure: Kans|-||<br> De Facto: [[Euro]]
|'''National sport'''
|Wyvern Crossbow Shooting
 '''Xtabay ''' is a colony of the [[Wyvern|Kingdom of Wyvern]]. It is ruled by princess H. of Wyvern and it is a popular meeting place for the senate.
When Wyvern was founded, the government often went to Xtabay to discuss matters in private and quiet. Therefore, the colony of Xtabay was annexed by the Wyvern government on 20 December 20, 2009. At first, it was a colony, but with changes to the areas in early 2010, it turned into a state. It retained the title 'colony', however, as there are no citizens and because it is governed from Wyvern-Stad. It consists mostly of grass, along with some bushes and a few trees that grow inedible apples. In recent months, Xtabay is used as a training ground for WIN weaponry. In May 2010, a man walked up to the senate members gathering there and insulted them. In a few minutes, they won the discussion and the man returned home.

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