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Micronational Professional Registry

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Older policy
Relations" section on this web page</ref> actually refuse to recognise any micronation as an unofficial or official policy.
The Micronational Professional Registry, the only micronational organisation that has given some thought to objective criteria to evaluate the concrete existence of any micronation{{Citation needed}}, used to recognise the claims of any micronation that were presented by a professional or semi-professional person 14 years old or older.<ref>Tallini, HMRD Cesidio. ''The Fifth World: Micronationalism on Steroids'', pp. 90-91, ISBN 978-1448663538</ref> While Cesidian law still views people 14 and older as ''junior adults'', and thus of legal voting age, and capable of being taken seriously as citizens of micronations of their own choice, there is a growing realisation that the former policy of 'affirmative action', inacted for the purpose of accepting more micronations, and discriminating against fewer, did not actually produce more micronations whose concrete existence could be measured, but only more work to register micronations that either had no significant existence outside a very limited group of people, or that had nothing that guaranteed any continuity to the existence of the new micronation. As a consequence of this realisation, the Micronational Professional Registry was recently forced to raise the minimum age of professional, and thus micronational acceptance to 21,<ref>[ How to Start Your Own (Serious) Country in Fourteen (Relatively) Easy Steps] by HMRD Cesidio Tallini, ''Micronational Professional Registry''</ref> which is ''full adult'' age, and the 'Age of Candidacy' under Cesidian law.<ref>Tallini, HMRD Cesidio. ''The Fifth World: Micronationalism on Steroids'', pp. 85-87, ISBN 978-1448663538</ref>

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