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List of Cool Barbie characters

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King Ken II was the monarch of the toys between February 2007 and June 2009, having previously ruled in only a limited capacity alongside his consort the queen regnant Emily I. With the abduction of Queen Emily in 2007 (CB.IV introduction), he became sole monarch, but by August 2008 (CB.III) he had been so disabled by numerous assassination attempts that Colin (secretly his would-be assassin) had been made Regent, although Ken retained some powers. Although this is not stated on-screen, his ordinal of II was assumed to distinguish him from Ken the Elder.
King Ken II first appears in CB.III, giving his permission to the Chancellor to mobilise First Army troops to stop Bubbles - he is shown to be at least partially aware, but tragically dismissive, of Colin's ambitions. In CB.IV, he is killed by the Captain of the First Army on Colin's orders, after lamenting that his constitutional monarchy will be replaced by Colin with a militaristic absolute monarchy. A picture of King Ken II in royal robes is seen in a classroom in CB.IX.
The Troll Leader is the leader and the largest of three troll followers of Colin that he introduce into the Doll Senate at the start of CB.IV to help him seize power. He wears wizard's robes and carries a wand, and like the other trolls can use magic; in CB.VIII, his hair is revealed to be a wig (after being shot off by a soldier), and he appears without it in the Colin minisode.
In CB.IV, Colin blackmails the Doll Senate into making the Troll Leader the new Minister of Defence. In his new position, the Troll Leader orders the Third Army on a pointless mission in the Garden to make it safe for Colin to begin his uprising, after which he orders the First Army and Golden Arrows to secure the house. When Colin's coup is defeated, the Troll Leader is exiled along with Colin's other supporters into the Garden. He is seen at the start of CB.VI in the Garden using his magical powers to defend Colin against other exiles whom he had previously banished when in power, and accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII, unsuccessfully attempting to order his former troops to free Bubbles (instead done by Wisealise), and is shown in the first of the 2015 minisodes to have then successfully killed Emily II, teleporting away when confronted by the Chancellor. In the Colin minisode, the Troll Leader briefly meets up with Colin and his other followers while they are on the run, and is given a mission to perform as part of a "back-up plan".
===Troll 1===
*'''Rose''' (played by [["Rose" Bramarley Paloma of Carothan|herself]]) starred in CB.IV, as one of the Protectors of the Realm. She helped Ken the Elder and Xeaphon drive off the burglar at the beginning of the episode, and was later locked in her "hutch" by Colin's trolls to stop her preventing their coup. Rose died in April 2014; it remains although this is not explicitly alluded to be in the series, her picture is seen how this will be worked into the ''Cool Barbie'' narrativein a classroom during a history lesson in CB.IX.*'''Edd''' (played by [["Edd" Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd|himself]]) stars as one of the Protectors of the Realm. He first appears in CB.III, killing the Dalek and knocking out Bubbles, saving Cool Barbie's life. He then appears in CB.IV being locked in his "hutch" by Colin's trolls to stop him from preventing their coup, and also features in CB.IX accompanying Xeaphon to confront the Mysteron landing in the Garden.
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